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Comment: Re: Windows Linux for small business (Score 1) 589

by wertigon (#46933235) Attached to: Microsoft Cheaper To Use Than Open Source Software, UK CIO Says

Re messed up docs: Yes, exactly, and those errors come up because Word uses the "visual" workflow, while Writer uses the "structure" workflow which IMO is both easier to understand, less prone to errors and easier to use.

LibreOffice is just as capable as Office, as Munich has proven with it's LiMux migration. Different, but capable. Besides - is it LO being incompatible with MSO or MSO being incompatible with LO? ;)

As for resumes - I always send those as PDFs which are super-easy to create in LO. But whatever.

Comment: Re: Windows Linux for small business (Score 1) 589

by wertigon (#46926615) Attached to: Microsoft Cheaper To Use Than Open Source Software, UK CIO Says

If that is your only argument - Office2007 isn't compatible with Office2003/2000 either. So not a very good one.

The reason why LibreOffice sometimes "messes up" your layout is that it uses the "document structure" workflow instead of the "visual" workflow as seen with Word. Once you find out "Wait, I don't have to care about how this looks until I've finished with the report, and then I just change a few parameters", it's amazing how much Writer throws itself to be out of your way as much as possible.

With word I have to constantly mind what format I need to use. "Wait, should I use 12pt or 16pt text here? And was it Verdana or Times New Roman?" In LO - no need for that. "That's a headline, that one is a paragraph, that one is a bullet list, and there we have a quote." Mark text accordingly, insert emphasis where needed, done, no need to bother about looks at all, and it's easy as pie to, for instance, a table of contents. That's why I find LO superior.

Oh and now you might say "But word has that too!" - yes, and LO has the visual styles too. But in LO everything is designed through the document structure paradigm. In Word it's just a half-assed mess.

Finally, yes, LO Writer is quite a bit limited when designing, say, a pamphlet - but why on earth would you use a word processor to make a pamphlet? Get indesign or Scribus for that!

Comment: Re:What is MediaGoblin? (Score 1) 22

I think the path of least resistance when it comes to federation would be to make MG compatible with the BuddyCloud MediaServer concept, since BC being based on XMPP already has excellent federation.

Regardless I think this is promising. My hope is that GMG+Federation will some day in the future challenge both Facebook, Youtube and similar sites - which is sorely needed because the contentID-issue at Google has shown that we need a solution where users control their own data.

Comment: Re:Minesweeper (Score 1) 180

Problem with Minesweeper though is when you end up with problems like these (5x3 board with 4 mines) - then it's a 50-50 chance of the mine being the lower cell or upper cell, and no way of knowing which one. .FFF. .3[]3. .1[]1.

F - Flagged mine
[] - unopened square
. - Open, empty space

Comment: Re:We need a US base in the Ukraine (Score 1) 623

by wertigon (#46519457) Attached to: Russian Army Spetsnaz Units Arrested Operating In Ukraine

Russia may have a strong military, but is it strong enough to take on the entirety of western civilization?

I agree that US has a vested interest - but it's not strong enough to warrant an intervention in a country literally on the other side of the world. Not yet, anyhow.

Comment: Re:We need a US base in the Ukraine (Score 1) 623

by wertigon (#46516091) Attached to: Russian Army Spetsnaz Units Arrested Operating In Ukraine

Bad idea.

This isn't a problem of the U.S. since Ukraine isn't in any way, shape or form affiliated with NATO.

The EU on the other hand might be interested... But intervening with Ukraine at this stage would be enough to provoke Putin and the rest of Russia into World War 3 mode.

That would be a mistake on Putin's part, since barring a full nuclear war, he cannot realisticly win, and even with nukes he can only drag the rest of the world to the dark ages. EU + USA has enough troops to repel all of Russias advances, and then some.

The only thing Russia will accomplish with it's bullying is to make it's neighbours more determined to seek strong alliances; NATO in the west, and probably China/India will create a strong asian alliance in the east. I do not understand why Putin is that stupid.

Comment: What is your ideal Copyright system? (Score 4, Interesting) 48

by wertigon (#46485865) Attached to: Interviews: Ask Jonathan Coulton What You Will

Hi Jonathan!

These days it's quite popular to both bash the copyright system and sue those thieving filesharers to oblivion. I'd like to ask you what you, as an independant musician, think would be a good balance between the creator rights and the public interests? Would it be a RIAA wet dream where all the content is locked up behind paywalls and getting a copy from an unauthorized source, like say a library, would constitute a crime with a minimum of 6 months in jail? Do you believe more in the Pirate Parties vision of abolishing the monopoly on creating copies, but retaining the protection against economic abuse? Or are you more in favor of going full nuclear by abolishing the entire copyright system alltogether? Thank you for all the great songs you have produced over the years!

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by wertigon (#46462641) Attached to: Valve Open Sources Their DirectX To OpenGL Layer

DirectCompute isn't widely used last time I checked, CUDA and OpenCL has far greater mindshare. It's also more or less equivalent to those two technologies. Though granted you must use it for XBox...

DirectSetup is only a minor utility library that only makes sense if you're already using DirectX.

DirectXMath is, likewise, more of a utility library. I consider it a part of D3D, since 90% of the functions only make sense with D3D (and maybe DirectCompute).

So, yeah, revising that list, Direct3D, Direct2D, DirectCompute and DirectWrite.

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