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Comment Re:Flashback time (Score 4, Insightful) 212 212

And it's not an ADDITIONAL search bar on top of the actual browser. If Google forced "Google Toolbar" down your throat, we'd have an apple-to-apple comparison.

There's a difference between using a built in search engine (with the ability to change it to Bing, if your heart desires)... and getting a search engine - and extra crap - installed without your knowledge.

We all know the average idiot doesn't know how to avoid getting tricked into installing it - and Ask and other companies go FAR out of their way to discourage saying no. It takes actual effort to not get dinged.

You can argue about how evil Google is... but they aren't acting like Ask does.

Comment Re:Of course they are. (Score 1) 283 283

Between me and my GF, we've had 4 or so 18 key G15s that we've used over the years. The paint flakes off the keys after awhile (Which is when she replaces hers) and I replaced mine for a keyboard problem that ended up being something else software related. Neither of use has ever had keyboard problems, much less space-bar problems. I've taken mine apart periodically to clean it out and continue to use it too this day...

I'll keep that in mind when I go to buy my next keyboard. I'll either get the G510 or a DAS with a G13 style "gameboard". I do remember having a keyboard with that issue (half of space-bar would work), but I can't remember if it was a G15 or not (I don't think it was... but I could be wrong)

Comment Re:Of course they are. (Score 2) 283 283

"Logitech: another company I won't ever buy anything else from ever again." What did I miss about Logitech? Cry about astro-turf all you want, but I have a G15 (original with 18 buttons), MX Revolutions and a wired headset that I absolutely love. I've used Logitech for years and have always been happy with their quality. Out of 4-5 different PS2 wireless joysticks, the Logitech one I had was the only one that worked worth shit. Same for my USB Joysticks. The items that I have used from Logitech have worked for ages and as promised... So again... what has Logitech done to get "Boycott" status? Sony. Apple. EA. Some companies that I try to steer clear of, and for good reason... but why Logitech?

Submission + - Sequential programming languages to be obsolete-> 2 2

oranghutan writes: Is this a big call or not?
"Most software written for computers is written in a sequential programming language like C. Most secondary and tertiary computer courses teach this type of programming skill. All of it is rapidly becoming out of date, and much of the trillions of lines of software that has been developed in the past, may need to be re-written or become obsolete."
It comes from a column written by the national ict of australia organisation CTO, Dr Chris Nicol where he talks about multi-threaded programming.

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Comment Re:so you want to pay neogeo cart prices for games (Score 2, Insightful) 149 149

People complain about $60 games... you seriously think $200 games would fly? It also seems you are comparing a single purchase game to an online game. WoW on a fast chip would still require a game server. So the comparison of MadeUpGame with a one time purchase vs WoW is far from valid. You should compare it to CoD, HL2, etc... a game that you buy once and play for years, $60 vs $200 simply to get faster load times? I'd pay $60 and load from an ISO if I really wanted faster load times.

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