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Comment: Re:Not a jet pack (Score 2) 53

by weiserfireman (#48420791) Attached to: Martin Jetpack Closer To Takeoff In First Responder Applications

I am trying to figure how this could be used by the Fire Service, in a first responder role.

1. It doesn't look like it has the weight limit to do bucket drops for wildland firefighting
2. It doesn't look like it has the weight limit to haul very much equipment
3. It doesn't look like it could do any rescue
4. At best, it looks like someone could scout the perimeter of a fire. For $200k, that is an awful expensive scout

I see cops wanting this, but not the fire service

Comment: Re: Desparate Microsoft pulls a "Sun Microsystems" (Score 4, Informative) 524

The early Sherlock Holmes Novels, and the Character of Sherlock Holmes entered Public Domain in the past year

It does happen, we just don't notice most of the time. I noticed this time because the Arthur Conan Doyle Family filed a big lawsuit to try to keep it under copyright and lost.

Comment: Re:People buy stuff without understanding is... (Score 1) 321

People want their computers to be like their cars.

They don't want to know what is happening under the hood. They just want to drive it.

I find most computer guys are like car guys, they assume that everyone should know how the engine works, or should at least care.

Nope, they want it to turn on every morning, take them where they want to go, and shut down at the end of the night with out ever knowing what makes all of it work.

Comment: I was just talking about this with my wife... (Score 5, Interesting) 306

by weiserfireman (#48255537) Attached to: We Are All Confident Idiots

She asked me, "how do you know you are a good computer technician"

Me, "because I know how little I really know. When I was a good amateur, I thought I knew a lot, and was confident, but now, I know so much more that I know what I don't know. That makes me a good technician."

She was confused, but I now I know there there is a scientific name for what I was trying to explain.

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by weiserfireman (#48189627) Attached to: Developers, IT Still Racking Up (Mostly) High Salaries

Part of what determines pay is
1. how difficult is it to find qualified people
2. does the position help you make more money, or is it an expense

Software developers help companies make more money. It is the Add in Value-Add. They are the equivalent of the machines in a machine shop. Without them, what is the point in being in business. If you are a software company you pay what you need to pay, to recruit and retain the best developers you can.

Teachers work for a government agency. It won't turn a profit. The agency collect tax dollars for existing and teachers are an expense. There really isn't any competition to recruit the best ones. People pay lip service to the idea of recruiting the best ones, but they really don't. Education wise, it compares to nurses and architects. Benefit wise, it is one of the best in the country. Some parts of the country have trouble recruiting new teachers. But others don't . A school district will never pay more than required to have a teacher in the classroom, talent be damned. In fact, I think school districts would rather hire fresh young faces out of college, and pay them starting wages than experienced master teachers who will cost them 2x-3x as much.

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by weiserfireman (#48171645) Attached to: Fusion and Fission/LFTR: Let's Do Both, Smartly

I have always felt the problem of fission waste disposal has been overblown.

If the goal is "walk away safe", then fission fuel is walk away safe in about 300 years too. The high level radiation emitted by the fission products comes from cesium and strontium and in 300 years, it will all be gone. Leaving low level radioactives, Uranium and a tiny amount of plutonium. In 300 years, the used rods will emit the same level of radiation as the unused rods. Since plutonium is an alpha emitter, the used rod will effectively not emit any radiation from plutonium. You could store one under your couch and not suffer any ill effects.

Reason why the US doesn't reprocess nuclear fuel rods anymore is that the Dept of Energy realized that as long as the fuel pellets remain intact, the uranium and plutonium is entrapped in the metallurgical structure of the fuel pellets. For the uranium and plutonium to be released back into the environment they will have to be melted down. If the pellets are unchanged, we could probably recycle them back into a new reactor in 300 years even.

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by weiserfireman (#48135049) Attached to: Password Security: Why the Horse Battery Staple Is Not Correct

I agree with his contention that we need to start teaching people about password managers.

I have been using one for 2 years, my wife just found out last week. She was furious. She struggles with trying to come up with good passwords all the time. Based on past experience, she does come up with good ones. The last one I know about is 13 characters long.

Password managers make the process of having a different password for every website trivial. Some of them will generate random usernames too.

Mine generates 10 character passwords, by default. Capitalization, Symbols, Numbers and lower case randomly throughout.

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In a National Sales Tax plan

It doesn't matter how much Wealth someone has. Who cares how much wealth someone else has? We don't tax Wealth in the US. We tax Income

Wealth doesn't matter with Sales Tax, because we would be taxing spending. That inherited wealth that moves from generation to generation? Who cares how much money someone has in the bank doing nothing. When they spend it and try to improve their quality of life, it gets taxed.

It is a shallow and covetous person who cares about how big someone else's bank account is. What we really care about is how that person spends their money to give themselves a better standard of living than their neighbors.

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