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Comment: Re:My two experiences that hit too close to home (Score 1) 555 555

by weharc (#44736143) Attached to: The Legal Purgatory at the US Border: Detained, Searched, and Interrogated
Also this just reinforces the sad fact that it doesn't matter how much you check something in advance or check information on a website, it comes down to the officers on the day processing you. It really can be the luck of the draw, which sucks.

+ - Malicous websites can exploit & control iPhone->

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Whiney Mac Fanboy
Whiney Mac Fanboy writes: "The New York Times is reporting that a serious vulnerability has been found in the iPhone — allowing arbitrary code to be run as root. From the Security Evaulators page:

When the iPhone's version of Safari opens the malicious web page, arbitrary code embedded in the exploit is run with administrative priviledges. In our proof of concept, this code reads the log of SMS messages, the address book, the call history, and the voicemail data. It then transmits all this information to the attacker. However, this code could be replaced with code that does anything that the iPhone can do.
The security researchers have also released a white paper. This sounds like a useful vector to allow native applications to run on the iPhone."

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+ - Paint-On Solar Cells->

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Ecomod writes: "In one of the most interesting developments in solar panel technology so far, researchers at New Jersey Institute of Technology, directed by Somenath Mitra, claim to have developed a way to create a solar cell that can be painted on flexible plastic sheets. In the future you might painting your home not with standard paint, but rather, with a nice coating of energy-generating solar cells!"
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