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Comment: Dell's netbook offering was absolutely awful (Score 0) 354

by weevlos (#38420754) Attached to: Dell Ditches Netbooks
I am frequently part of a Nagios on-call rotation. I brought a netbook with me nearly everywhere I went to respond to outages. I use them because they are light and I don't have to worry about the cost of them if they get stolen or ruined in a bike crash. I've been through 3 of them so far.

Dell's keyboard was absolutely awful for syntax-heavy shell operations. I write a dizzying sequence of regular expressions as part of regular maintenance operations, complicated by frequent escapes because I typically was so goddamned drunk that if I used quotes I would forget whether I was nesting quotes or not, or if I was in the middle of a quoted string at all. Dell's keyboard was absolutely unbearable, and I could not use it to write bash while wasted at a bar with dead in the water infrastructure which is basically the single most important function of a netbook.

I spent about 3 weeks with a Dell netbook because the CFO of our company said we were going all-Dell because we got some pittance of a discount. I said I would no longer be on-call until I got an Acer Aspire One (best shellscripting netbook keyboard, hands down) and it was about 3 days until one got ordered. This doesn't even begin to touch the idiocy of the Dell-only rule, as I'm sure plenty of /.ers are familiar with dysfunctionality of Dell's networking, SAN and NAS offerings which cannot be so cheaply replaced as a netbook.

Anyways, Dell got out of this market because nobody wanted to buy their garbage netbooks, with good reason. In fact, the only computer from a major manufacturer that I can tolerate in this size/weight profile is the Macbook Air-- and it doesn't even remotely begin to compete on price. Losing/wrecking a $300 device is one thing, when an identically configured machine costs $1400 its a much bigger deal.

Comment: Sorry, Rob (Score 0, Interesting) 365

by weevlos (#16121841) Attached to: Rob Levin, lilo of FreeNode, Passes
Rob, I'm sorry about all those times we terrorized your network with banbots and the DCC SEND exploit.

I'm sorry that after Grog took over freenode by convincing you he was Greg Lehey of FreeBSD I took the liberty of impersonating your caller ID and voice to shout obscenities and insults on Greg's voicemail.

I'm sorry that you never learned to use SSL or SSH and we pulled your oper block password off the wire.

I'm sorry about the time I pulled all your docs, released your SSN on the full-disclosure mailing list and gave your credit cards and checking account number to third world hustlers. That was really mean.

Most of all, I'm sorry you're dead because I'll have to find someone new to troll.

RIP Rob Levin, trolled to death by car.

I cannot draw a cart, nor eat dried oats; If it be man's work I will do it.