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Submission + - Man sues Apple after retail employee deletes years worth of photos (bgr.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Deric White, a 68 year-old man from the UK, is suing Apple for approximately $7,500 after an Apple employee at the company’s Regent Street store in London completely wiped White’s iPhone clean, erasing numerous photos and 15 years worth of contacts in the process.

As for how the whole situation arose in the first place, White said that he began seeing messages on his phone indicating that there was a problem with his iPhone 5. Thus far, it isn’t yet known if White was the target of a phishing scam via text message (a growing problem) or if the alert messages in question were legitimate. Regardless, White took his phone in to Apple’s flagship retail store in London to make sure everything was up to speed. As part of the repair process, an Apple Store employee initiated a factory reset.

An interesting wrinkle to the saga is the allegation that White was only asked if had backed up his device after it had already been wiped by an Apple employee.

Comment Re:Still too much (Score 1) 114

So, break virtually all MUAs (which send using SMTP), and force everyone to use webmail? Good luck with that.


# Restricts what recipient addresses we accept in the RCPT TO commands
smtpd_recipient_restrictions =

Now what were you saying?

Comment Re:what's wrong with cherry picking? (Score 1) 110

If they snipe away enough Comcast customers, eventually Comcast has to pull out entirely because they're losing money

If Comcast or anyone has been the monopoly provider for a few years, then they have already re-cooped the cost of their build out. After that it doesn't matter if you're in a "rich" or "poor" neighborhood; the operating costs are the same.

Comment Re:A Question from a Stupid Foreigner. (Score 2) 93

This. Breasts on TV would be the end of American civilization itself.

You mock, but a child exposed to such things would be horribly scarred, psychologically. The economy would ultimately suffer as well from the burden of supporting them.

We already have a way of supporting them. It's called a bra.

Comment Re:It was already a dangerous site to visit ... (Score 1) 189

What's driving your zealous PHP advocacy?

PHP has lots of add-ons that make it very powerful like: PHPExcel for churning out a spreadsheet, TCPDF for creating a PDF, PHPMailer for sending an email, etc. I don't know if other languages have these but they are simple to use in PHP.

It is true you can write a crappy application with security holes like swiss cheese in PHP. But you can do that in any language. If you're going to write 'good' programs there are quite a few web principles like sanitizing input that you MUST learn.

On the other hand, I think one of the flaws of PHP is that it is often co-mingled with HTML. This makes it hard to debug. A better approach, I feel, is to turn PHP on in the first line and don't turn if off until the last line. If you want to send some HTML, use an echo statement. Learn to use loops (for, foreach, while, etc.), give variables meaningful names, and create functions for things you do over and over.

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