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This. Breasts on TV would be the end of American civilization itself.

You mock, but a child exposed to such things would be horribly scarred, psychologically. The economy would ultimately suffer as well from the burden of supporting them.

We already have a way of supporting them. It's called a bra.

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by webnut77 (#45229389) Attached to: Compromised

What's driving your zealous PHP advocacy?

PHP has lots of add-ons that make it very powerful like: PHPExcel for churning out a spreadsheet, TCPDF for creating a PDF, PHPMailer for sending an email, etc. I don't know if other languages have these but they are simple to use in PHP.

It is true you can write a crappy application with security holes like swiss cheese in PHP. But you can do that in any language. If you're going to write 'good' programs there are quite a few web principles like sanitizing input that you MUST learn.

On the other hand, I think one of the flaws of PHP is that it is often co-mingled with HTML. This makes it hard to debug. A better approach, I feel, is to turn PHP on in the first line and don't turn if off until the last line. If you want to send some HTML, use an echo statement. Learn to use loops (for, foreach, while, etc.), give variables meaningful names, and create functions for things you do over and over.

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by webnut77 (#44827013) Attached to: Microsoft Botches More Patches In Latest Automatic Update

we have a tool from quickbooks that does a thorough uninstall/reinstall, and i mean rigorous should work. pm me and ill try to get it to you.

I have that program too; it's call Dancing_Bunnys.exe. Just download it and rename to Completely_remove_dot_NET.exe and it will fix you right up. Enjoy!

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by webnut77 (#44665347) Attached to: All-in-Ones Finally Grow Up, With Fast Graphics, SSDs, and CPUs

2) if the misuse becomes common then the concept-space itself is lessened by the loss/declarification of the original word, reducing everybody's ability to communicate clearly.

This! This is so true with 'AS' people. "Please listen carefully AS our menus have recently changed". Whatever happen to 'since' and 'because'? 'AS' means everything nowadays.
"AS I'm doing my homework, I listen to music". What wrong with the word 'while'?

The same holds true for the 'myself' people. "Myself and Bob went to town." What's up with that?

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by webnut77 (#44645157) Attached to: German Government Warns Windows 8 Is an Unacceptable Security Risk

What you're saying is Linux is more popular if we include installations that are managed by professionals earning $100K+ and installations on devices that are usually customized by a small group of very skilled people to perform a set of specific tasks for "dumb" users. The end users of these systems neither know or care that Linux is powering them.

The desktop is a different matter and penetration figures show it.

Well, here's the problem with hiring unskilled, pointy-clicky admins. If your instance of any service stays inside the GUI coder's box, maybe all is well. But if you need something the GUI coder didn't include then your out of luck. And if you stay inside the box and things still don't work, well the pointy-clicky admin doesn't know what is wrong and has no clue where to begin looking.

I recently looked at a Windows administrator's network and discovered that all traffic, public and private, is on the same wire. He's not using VLANs or anything to separate it. He doesn't understand what a tremendous risk this is. Everything works and that's good enough.

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by webnut77 (#44557311) Attached to: Google Multiplies Low-Tier Bug Bounties By Factor of Five

Isn't this just going to get people to sit on their bugs until the prize money goes up again? Obviously not right now, since an increase just happened, but in a few years; it wouldn't surprise me to see a fall-off in the number of bugs reported, followed by a very sudden increase after the next increase.

It's a risk. There's always the possibility that someone else will find the same bug you do and cash in first.

+ - Charges Devs $2,700 For Security Review->

Submitted by jfruh
jfruh (300774) writes "Interested in offering a paid app for's CRM/ERP platform? If you're planning on going through the company's AppExchange, that's about to become a pricier proposition for you. Saying that "trust is our number one value," the company is now going to charge between $300 and $2,700 for the initial security review necessary for an app to be listed in the app store. Free apps will not be charged."
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+ - Google Plus Locks Out Firefox Users, Then Pretends It Didn't Happen->

Submitted by Whuffo
Whuffo (1043790) writes "People using the latest Firefox releases were presented with a "Your browser is no longer supported" screen when they tried to visit Google Plus on the 10th and 11th of August. The Google Plus support board lit up with hundreds of complaints — which were met with such helpful tips as "use Chrome". It's accessible again as of August 12, but every Google Plus posting concerning this problem has been hidden from view.

Boneheaded coding mistakes happen, even to the giants. But failing to properly test the code and rolling it out on Friday night isn't very smart. What's much worse is their concerted effort to purge the net of any and every bit of information concerning the events of the weekend. Rewrite history, put the "wrong" version into the memory hole."

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