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Comment Re:Being an analyst means... (Score 1) 428

Apple's non-iPhone revenue is comparable to Microsoft's *total* revenue.

As a guy who bought a 128K Mac in 1984 and has been with them all this time (except for a brief period in late 90s) I would have never dreamed a statement like that would someday be true (and oh do I wish I had, and bought the stock!)

Comment My wife got shafted for $2,000 (Score 1) 540

Last Summer we had our cousin and her two kids stay with us for a week. The boy at some point asked my wife to buy him something on his Android phone for $5, so she plugged in her payment info. He apparently saved it or she saved it accidentally. Two weeks later she noticed numerous $49.99 charges to Google Play totaling just shy of $2,000.

Comment Re:It only takes one ... (Score 4, Interesting) 381

That's my fear too. I live in a small town in Appalachia with dirt-poor but stubborn^H^H^H^H^H^Hproud conservative folk. When they get sick, they just don't go into the hospital. They ride it out at home. They have no health insurance and won't even sign up for it if they can because -- Obamacare. They *may* go to the free clinic in town that's open Tuesdays from 1-3pm. They live in remote areas down dead-end gravel roads that lead to the side of a mountain that other locals know you don't drive down if you have no business going down. If Ebola comes to visit it'll wipe out my mountain town. :(

Comment For a small shop, maybe (Score 1) 409

For a small shop that it's not feasible to hire their own IT shop, I think it's viable. Other than that, no.

I was a very early advocate of moving stuff into the cloud and a very early victim of getting screwed by it. Before the cloud I could spend countless sleepless hours pacing around dealing with things like praying that a SAN spins back up after an extended site power failure with a backup generator fault failure or dealing with irate users on a Christmas morning wondering why I scheduled an email migration to happen that required email to be down for 24 hours. But at least it was my fault and I was in control.

After moving to the cloud I had things like extended service outages where I had irate users and I could do nothing but sit around and look stupid and helpless saying "the vendor is working on it" and not know even if anyone was actually doing anything besides refreshing the ticket system and occasionally posting a ticket update begging for a status update.

Comment Chip and Signature, not Chip and PIN (Score 3, Interesting) 210

Most US cards being issued with a chip are Chip and Signature, not Chip and PIN -- because banks have trained Americans to think PIN means debit so banks fear applying a PIN to a credit card would confuse people.

I have one of these Chip and Signature cards and on my last trip to UK it was a real PITA, especially at self-checkouts. Like at ASDA there was a signature signing pad but I had to wait for a clerk to come over to give me the pen and then she checked my signature real closely. Same thing at the duty free at the airport. The self-checking stopped and alerted the clerk to come over to check my signature. Then at other stores the clerk couldn't find a pen, or was surprised when paper spit out and had to ask a manager what was going on.

(I had one clerk hand me the slip to sign, checked my signature, then put the signed slip into the bag with the receipt! If I was an "arse" I probably could have disputed the charge and gotten away with it because they couldn't produce a signed slip)

At the ASDA (far away from where tourists usually go) the clerk remarked it's been years since she saw someone have to sign for a charge. I apologized, said I was an American, and that our banks think we are too stupid to remember a PIN. She got a good chuckle out of that...

Comment Re:The actual website (Score 4, Interesting) 164

Not really shocking. In the permissions you give it:

and your friends' status updates and photos.

So if one of your friends gave them permission, then they can grab the photos that way.

So yeah, what you share put to your friends can be given away by them.

Opinion: Facebook shouldn't allow an app to gain access to friend's data like this unless that data is marked public.

Comment Re:The actual website (Score 4, Insightful) 164

Watch Dogs Digital Shadow will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list, News Feed, relationships, birthday, work history, status updates, education history, groups, hometown, interests, current city, photos, religious and political views, follows and followers, personal description and likes and your friends' status updates and photos.

So basically you give them access to all of your data, and then they tell you all about you.

What a shock.

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