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Comment: Re:yea I do remember (Score 1) 176

by weav (#44141831) Attached to: Yahoo Puts AltaVista To Death

next we are going to have a candlelight service for lycos?

Who even owns Lycos any more? Last I heard Telefonica sold them off to some Korean investors who shut the place down to minimal size.
Whowhere (which they acquired to get MailCity, which became Lycos Mail) still exists but I can't imagine what people database it searches.

Comment: Re:Project 25 is still alive and kicking (Score 2) 115

by weav (#38757218) Attached to: Post-9/11 DOJ Tech Project Dying After 10 Years?

P25 also had its issues, like not all radios use the same CODECs (I'm looking at YOU, Motorola), all digital voice codecs do badly in the presence of lots of noise (next to a fire engine pumping hard, in a K9 cop car with the dog excited, sirens blaring, low-air-pressure warning going off inside the resipirator). Also from what i hear, I believe the encryption has been cracked.
Not a panacea, P25.

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