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Comment: Exodus? (Score 1) 3

by wcb4 (#43463233) Attached to: Windows 8.1 to boot to desktop

I don't know of anyone who has left windows over windows 8.... EVERY SINGLE person I know who has purchases a machine since October has either installed windows 7 on it, or installed something like classic shell, set it to give them a start menu and boot to the desktop... No exodus however.

Comment: touch screen or pen based? (Score 1) 1

by wcb4 (#42858711) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Win7 tablet for doctor?

If you are looking for a touch screen, then the 12" screen requirement is going to make it hard to find. There just aren't that many systems out there that are touch (The Iconia W500, which I own and love, is one but you ruled it out because of a 10" screen) that are not windows 8 systems, and while win 7 MIGHT install on one of those, it also might not.

You could always do a windows 8 tablet with a windows 7 vm running at boot.

If a stylus is fine, then you have a whole sew of possibilities. I also own a gateway cx2750 running win 7 and I used it for meetings until very recently simply because the handwriting recognition in win7, once trained is simply amazing. It has the screen size and res you are looking for, but its not light. Of course I have the extended battery in mine, which makes hodling the damned thing a lot easier, even if it is heavier.

Comment: rt was a mistake (Score 1) 375

by wcb4 (#42199751) Attached to: Microsoft Surface Struggles to Ship A Million Units

Windows RT and the Risc based surface were mistakes. If people wanted locked in, crippled computing devices, the iPad is better established. The ability to have a full computer would have been a great differentiator. Windows 8 on a full computer is great. I have an acer iconia w500 running full windows 8. Its great. It is what Surface should have been if MS could have pulled their collective heads out of their asrses.

Comment: Re:[...], historians say (Score 1) 137

by wcb4 (#40480725) Attached to: France Ending Minitel Service

At what point do we delineate the difference between historian and sociologist. Historians (not just history teachers who teach by rote) discuss the facts and trends of the society in the past, the sociologist the facts and trends of the present society, but from the time something happens, is digested and dissected and correlated, it is the past.

Comment: Yes (Score 1) 8

by wcb4 (#37816758) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is this piracy or not ?

You purchased rights for the standard def version of the movie, not the high def. Saying this is not piracy because you purchased the standard DVD is like saying that you have the rights to a Lincoln town car because you purchased a Ford Taurus. Same company, both are cars, one is much better than the other. You bought one, not the other.

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