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Comment: Re:Tragically, We Cannot Afford This Now (Score 1) 260

by wayLateToTheGame (#29883375) Attached to: Ares 1-X Ready On Pad, Launch Set For 1200 GMT

What, is there an expiration date on space travel?

Obviously not but what would you suggest? Cut all of NASA's funding for now and when the economy picks up in a few years time start again from scratch? It might be a better idea to try and keep them going even though money is tight.


+ - Retrofit kit transforms any car into a hybrid!->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Any car be converted into a hybrid according to a former IBM electrical engineer who has designed a hybrid retrofit kit for any vehicle. Once converted, most of our local driving would be powered by the electric motors in each of your wheel hubs. According to statistics in the story, '80 percent of U.S. drivers make daily trips of less than 30 miles at 40 miles per hour or slower, all of which could be powered by this retrofit kit that costs as little as $3000 to turn any gasoline powered vehicle into an electric hybrid. Four 10-15 horsepower electric motors--one for each wheel--could cut double the gas mileage on most cars, and save as much as 120 million gallons of fuel per day in the U.S. alone, and as much as 600 million gallons per day worldwide. Look for most cars and trucks to start using this invention by 2012.'
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+ - EMI pushes remixer to sell Blank CD-Rs->

Submitted by scientes
scientes writes: Danger Mouse, who earned interest with he remixes of The Beatles The White Album into Jay-Z's The Black Album to form The Grey Album. Fallowing aggressive action by EMI, including cease and desist letters to fans, Danger announced that he will be release his new album, Dark Night Of The Soul, as case, album art and a blank CD-R .
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+ - Design software giants target the unemployed

Submitted by
avishere writes: "People may be losing their jobs, but for savvy/vulture-like execs, the economic meltdown is the perfect time to get their software into the hands of who can't afford their multi-thousand-dollar price tags. Software giants Autodesk and SolidWorks have each latched onto the worst-economic-disaster-since-the-Great-Depression meme and released free versions of their flagship computer-aided-design brands before their potential users are forced to sell their laptops on Craigslist. "In these uncertain economic times," Autodesk coos sympathetically, it will give away temporary licenses of AutoCAD and others ($5,000+) to those unemployed in the fields of architecture, engineering and design. (They are also developing a Mac version, two decades too late.) SolidWorks was quick to respond with its subtly titled Engineering Stimulus Package. So if anyone out there has their weekdays free, jumpstart your hardware and design projects for cheap. Legally, too."

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