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Comment Re:Recycling Personalities (Score 1) 448

The Bush tax cuts have been continued by the Obama administration because they were judged to be a sound method of stimulating the economy.

No, they haven't been so judged.

They were continued as part of a brokered budget deal. The Democratic house & senate didn't particularly like it, but it was the best compromise on the table at the time.

Comment Yay! Car Analogy! (Score 1) 723

"Except I can CHOOSE to not own a car, and I don't need insurance at that point.
Call me when I can CHOOSE to not carry health insurance."

That's not quite an accurate analog (although partial points for continuing the car analogy.)
More accurate is "I can CHOOSE not to live, and I don't need insurance at that point."

Comment Re:What a surprise (Score 3, Interesting) 248

"I mean, who would have thought in the mid-00s that the smart device would become the pre-eminent consumer computing platform in less than a decade?"

You mean other than Apple and the other people who helped make it happen?

Microsoft's problem moving off of the desktop has always been that they want a very similar experience on the desk and in the hand. This was a bad idea when they tried to emulate the Windows experience in WinCE, and is a bad idea going the other direction with Metro.

Comment Re:Not a great value, in my opinion (Score 1) 501

Or Apple's mistaken focus on OpenCL over CUDA. Unfortunately, Apple have not indicated that they will remedy the problem.

Well, Apple is pushing an open API that will run on lots of hardware, while nvidia is pushing an API tied to their hardware. I think everyone would benefit with a widely supported open API.

Comment Re:It's pretty neat (Score 1) 501

Yes, but having "your CAD software [..] be updated to take advantage of that specific hardware" mostly means writing things to use parallel cores, and to leverage the graphics processors through OpenCL (and OpenGL, for the graphics-specific stuff.) This is stuff that a software author would want to do to help future-proof their code, in general, I think.

Comment Re:Analog (Score 2) 154

This was my immediate reaction, as well. Analog computers do some things extremely well, and faster than could be done digitally. Absolute accuracy may not be possible, but plenty-good-enough accuracy is achievable for a lot of different types of problems. Back in the 1970s I worked for a small company as their chief digital/software guy. The owner of the company was wizard at analog electronics, and instilled in me a solid respect about what can be done with analog computing.

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