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Comment: Re:Snowden didn't do right. (Score 1) 348

by watcher-rv4 (#47101347) Attached to: Why Snowden Did Right
Bulk record of all phone calls in Bahamas its ok then?

You are talking this because you are an american trying to protect the darkest interests of your country.
Why don't we put these darkest interests in subject?

Why, in the hell, any country (even mine) have the right to record my phone calls, track my e-mails, access all my data?

NSA extended their surveillance out of limits for both American citizens and foreign countries. This, is, not, right.

+ - Long but brilliant explanation of why Snowden did right 1

Submitted by Bruce66423
Bruce66423 (1678196) writes "
Gives a very full exposition of the mess that we are in and the need for real change. An interesting revelation — at least for me — Obama had indicated his intention to filibuster the law that protected telecoms from the consequences of their failure to resist NSA snooping. Then suddenly he voted in favour, after he was all but the Democratic candidate for President. The only question — how did they get to him..."

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