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Comment: Apple maps obsolete forever (Score 1) 279

by wardk (#42272859) Attached to: Revamped Google Maps Finally Available On iOS

Apple should give up and just pay google. their effort sucked, their product is utter shit, and their credibility is shot because of this idiocy.

of course, you cannot delete the apple maps abomination, the best you can do it stuff it into a folder where you don't have to look at anymore.

never thought I would need a folder named "Shit Apps" on such a nice device, but there it is.

nice work google, and thanks.

Comment: Spend the money and get Dreamweaver (Score 1) 545

by wardk (#36431592) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Web Site Editing Software For the Long Haul?

you won't need to buy it ever again, the version you get will do everything you need, forever.

you can let it do the work, this gaining the wrath of the pure, or you can just code up the html with your bare hands.

the preview is nice, the fact it pulls up related pages for edit (.css files, etc) is useful and it will manage your site tree and ftp for you as well.

pricey, but a good product that isn't going away.

Vi, Vim are great too. but that doesn't sound like what you are looking for.


The White House Listed On Real Estate Website 123

Posted by samzenpus
from the been-for-sale-for-years dept.
Forget visiting the White House, if you have $10 million you can own it. At least that is the price for the president's home on the real estate website Redfin. From the article: "Obviously this is an error. It looks like Redfin software pulled an example listing from the website by mistake. That example listing was the White House. We have e-mailed Redfin for comment." I know it's historic but it still looks a bit on the high side according to the comparables in the area.

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