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Comment upload to picasa from command line (Score 2, Interesting) 210

Such tools existed for years, thanks to Google's open API. I wrote one of the first example scripts and the idea was then used in many other tools:

I personally like this one best:


Submission Microsoft Poland photoshops black guy to white one-> 1

wanted writes: "If you look at Microsoft's Poland business solutions website you will probably not notice anything wrong with the main picture. However, when you compare it with the original English version, it clearly shows that someone decided showing black people in Poland is not going to be that convincing to business. They just photoshopped the head of the black guy with a white one, in an amateur style leaving his hand unchanged. There's also a mirror just in case."
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Submission Freeware Software Everyone Should Know About

An anonymous reader writes: Most people don't have thousands of dollars to buy programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop or Maya. Fortunately, there programs out there that are absolutely free. Also, most of them are surprisingly similar or even better to their costly alternatives.

Here is a list of Freeware software which can save people from spending thousands of dollars on software and can be useful to anyone.

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