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Comment: Re:In *England* (Score 1) 347

by wangi (#33977098) Attached to: All Your Stonehenge Photos Are Belong To England

It's just wrong. It's like saying the Texas Rangers have investigated crimes ranging from murder to political corruption, acted as riot police and as detectives, protected the Governors, tracked down fugitives, and functioned as a paramilitary force at various places in the United States of America.

Comment: In *England* (Score 1) 347

by wangi (#33971414) Attached to: All Your Stonehenge Photos Are Belong To England

"English Heritage, the organization that runs and manages various historical sites in the UK, such as Stonehenge"

No, English Heritage only manages sites within England (clue is in the name). Other bodies cover the other countries on the UK; for example Historic Scotland (Scotland), Cadw (Wales) and Environment and Heritage Service (Northern Ireland).

Comment: Re:"Designed for Smartphones" (Score 1) 41

by wangi (#32482430) Attached to: Gov't App Contests Are Cool, But Are They Useful?

If you create conditions where someone makes an app for smartphones (open government data), and it only gets used by people with smartphones, this is a net gain for the society

Nonsense. The folk with smartphones are typically those who'd already interact with government. You are doing absolutely nothing to interact with those who are totally disenfranchised. You know - the ones who cannot afford the net, cannot afford a fancy phone?

Comment: Re:And nothing of value is lost (Score 2, Informative) 454

by wangi (#32359562) Attached to: UK Newspaper Websites To Become Nearly Invisible

4: They end up in the dust. There are a lot of unemployed journalists, it it wouldn't take much impetus for a startup news site to start up that is lean enough to run on ad revenue, perhaps having additional revenue streams for back article searches. No, this startup news site may not have enough money to pay for an AP wire, but those stories can always be come by other ways.

As an example take a look at the Caledonian Mercury:


+ - Google donates $2 million to the Wikimedia Foundat->

Submitted by k33l0r
k33l0r (808028) writes "Yesterday the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia and other projects, announced that it has received a $2 million donation from Google. This is the first time that Google has supported Wikipedia, and it has many wondering why? Anyone remember Knoll, Google's answer to Wikipedia?"
Link to Original Source

+ - An Experiment in BlackBerry Development

Submitted by ballwall
ballwall (629887) writes "We've all read the stories about how lucrative selling apps on the iPhone can be (or not), but what about other platforms? BlackBerry accounts for twice as many handsets shipped as Apple, according to Gartner, so I decided to find out. I wrote about my experiences developing my first application including sales, platform issues, and anything else I thought new mobile developers might be interested in."

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