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Comment: Re:What's ITSM? (Score 1) 50

by wampus (#48701979) Attached to: What's the Future of Corporate IT and ITSM? (Video)

So make sure you're the one designing the process. Keep bullshit out of it. I do ITSM-based infrastructure change management. On paper my job is to bust the admins' balls. In reality I ask them what they're trying to do, make sure they write up a rollback plan (even if it is just 'restore from backup'), and make sure the server guys aren't planning to do something that needs the network on the same day that the network team is planning an outage. That generally takes about a half hour of everyone's time once a week at my mid-sized shop. Oh yeah, then I send an email to the people that are going to care if something goes down. This isn't even my full-time job - we don't need someone making work for everyone else because they're bored.

It doesn't need to be a bureaucratic nightmare, it just needs to show what the hell you're doing and that you thought about how and why you're doing it (or undoing it when shit blows up.)

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