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Comment Re:Don't judge us by this place (Score 1) 760

Yes, we are currently in the clutches of a backwards Republican state government so there are lots of headlines about regressive policies. But this is an aberration ( the first Republican government in over 100 years) and it will not last long.

So, what you are saying is that it was a Democrat state government that resulted in the town full of rubes.

Comment Re:Amazon owns (Score 1) 111

I miss the real Woot. Amazon left it alone for a short time and then ruined it.

I used to be a daily visitor and used Woot-off trackers to try to get the Bag of Crap (14-time "winner", according to the account records). I even have a set of Woot-off Lights. The second thing I bought on the site was the 65" Olevia LCD TV on 8/25/08 (believe me, it was HUGE at that time and $2,300 was a good price).

The last two things I bought were a shirt on 2/11/15 and a shirt on 9/28/12, and the recent purchase was due to a link from another site.

Comment Re:Mission accomplished (Score 1) 399

Ummm, you do realize where the majority of oil comes from, right?

Yes. 58.2% comes from non-OPEC countries. And some OPEC countries are not in Africa or the Middle East.

You also realize that the reason these guys would go after this stuff is because of our gluttony and wealth of resources, along with our foreign policies in the regions we're talking about, right?

Absolutely. The terrorists attack us because we're the Bad Guys. They're just the poor oppressed people who execute people by setting them on fire in cages and blowing them up with buried bombs, in between destroying irreplaceable archaeological sites and artifacts and selling women and girls into sexual slavery.

Comment Re:Mission accomplished (Score 1) 399

There are also proposals to put a large solar array several square kilometers in area in the Sahara Desert [] that could generate power for the entire planet

And on the plus side, that's a nice stable area where we wouldn't have to worry about some terrorist group trying to blow up any key collection facilities either!

Comment Re:Summary sucks (Score 1) 345

From what I understand Boeing is looking to have two new Air Force One (I know, this is the plane's designation when the President is on board and not the model number, but people know the former and not the latter) orders be the triumphant end to new production.

Comment Re:It'd be hilareous if not so sad... (Score 1) 338

It's sad that 31 years old counts as 'new'.

Everything is relative. New means "newer".

The New Course at St Andrews opened in 1895. The Old Course was in use in the early 1400s. There's a foot bridge at the 18th on the Old Course that's at least 700 years old, built for shepherds, that predates the game itself.

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