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Comment Re:I dunno... (Score 1) 235

My preferred solution for TV watching doesn't involve a smart TV. I have a 115 inch screen mounted on the wall of the mancave. The projector is attached to the HDMI output of a receiver. Selectable inputs to the receiver include a blueray player, Windows PC, ChromeCast, and a Nintendo. There is an HDHomerun networked tuner and a large selection of media stored on a NAS which are accessible from any WiFi or networked device. If I want to add another source, I can easily plug it into the receiver (for local use in the ManCave) or the network (for use in the rest of the house).

The idea of having a dedicated TV seems archaic to me. Displays should be stupid, with the 'Smart' portion being separate so that it can be easily upgraded or swapped out. If my hard drive gets full but the computer works fine otherwise, I don't go buy a new computer... I just buy a bigger drive and add it into my existing computer. Why should media consumpution systems (AKA TV sets) be treated as an integrated box?

Comment Re:Where is our 350GHz room temp CPU? (Score 2) 89

"There is no practical reason in any textbook I've found or any chip architecture designer or physicist I've talked to why we can't have processors running at least 500x faster than we currently run them at lower power usage." You need to read different textbooks, and talk with more knowledgeable chip architecture designers and physicists, preferably ones who actually work on CPU design. Not only is capacitance inherent in transistor design, it also impacts the interconnect layers and the substrate to which the chip is attached (you know... conductive structures with an dielectric insulating material separating them...)

Of course, it's a giant conspiracy to keep reducing the gate width, and making fin-fet transisters, and changing to EUV (and trying to design high power lasers to feed these machines) because that's sooo much easier than changing to a non-capacitive transister. Google must be in on the conspiracy, since a search for "non-capacitive transistor" doesn't return any meaningful results.

Sorry, your post is wrong in so many ways, that I don't know where to start... Maybe this will help: https://xkcd.com/386/

Comment Awesome video. I wish I could see it in person. (Score 5, Interesting) 24

Ok, so I watched the video twice, enjoying it immensely both times. It shows just how fragile that little slice of atmosphere is which shields us and allows us life. The soundtrack was was appropriate to the visuals, providing a sense of awe. And then, I come back to Slashdot, expecting to see respectful comments. Silly me, being surprised to find a bunch of wankers posting drivel. Come on, the video provides a sense of how humanity has impacted the viewing of our planet (note the nighttime shots which shows population density based on how we illuminate the night sky). How wonderful the aurora is, viewed from an angle few will ever see. Based on the existing comments, I weep for the future of our species. Based on the video, there is still hope.

Comment Re:There is a point to this (Score 1) 38

I think the simulation is an interesting idea... but it's a transient experience after which the participant will go back to being steady and 'normal.' Imagine going into a restaurant, ordering lunch, and then having the food shake and fall off your fork whenever you try to take a bite. Embarrassing? You bet! Demoralizing, knowing that this is going to continue for the rest of your life and only get worse? Yep.

Living with a disability sucks. Any project that increases awareness of how a disability can inhibit an otherwise coherent individual from doing everyday tasks (like buttoning a shirt), is worthwhile in my (not so uninvolved) opinion.

As for Rush mocking Michael J. Fox, Here's his response on NBC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... As Michael states in the video, without medication he'd be frozen (Google 'Parkinson's Frozen' to see what he means by that... it's pretty freaking scary). While I lean more towards Republican viewpoints than Democrat, I find Rush's insinuations in this instance distasteful, ignorant, and hurtful.

Robin Williams committed suicide during early stages of Parkinson's, possibly due to the idea of living with this disability for the rest of his life. Not having an entire foundation at my disposal, when I get to his stage of Parkinson's, I obviously cannot expect to have as finely tuned medication dosing as Michael has.

My goal is to live my life as well as I can, as long as I can. That's all any of us can do.

Comment Ya know what's harder than lining up the pixels? (Score 2) 56

You know what's harder than lining up the pixels perfectly on adjacent panels? Getting the brightness, contrast, color, and gamma matched. It's not as noticable when screens are separated on your desk, but put them side by side and all those little hot and cold spots are going to create a very noticable demarcation line at the seam.

Comment I can't believe I'm saying this, but... (Score 1) 419

I think Microsoft is doing the right thing here. Did the feds forget to include the double-secret gag order with their request/demand? Proclaiming this demand far and wide is going to put it squarely in the public eye.

Not that I personally have anything to worry about, as I always assume people are reading my emails. And being bored to tears by them.

Comment Re:NoScript (Score 1) 731

About 5 years ago when NoScript was relatively small and unknown, I donated some money to the author. He sent me a very nice thank you reply. Honestly, Adblock and Noscript work so well, that it's a shock when I see sites on other peoples computers. Of course, I always turn off the "limited advertising allowed" checkbox in Adblock settings.

There are a few sites that I care enough about (liliputing.com for example) to whitelist them. I don't click on their ads, but their advertising is subdued enough to avoid being obnoxious.

Comment Re: meeses (Score 1) 361

My main desktop PC has two mice from the MX-5500 keyboard/mouse set. These are the ultra-rare MX mice with bluetooth built in. They're so special that, while you can order the dongle or the keyboard as a repair part, the bluetooth mouse itself is not available as a repair part. Luckily, I was able to find a spare keyboard/mouse/dongle in mint condition at my local goodwill store. I have both mice on my desk, one in use and the other in the charging station. When the in-use mouse stops working, I swap the two mice. Honestly, I don't know why Logitech never figured out that selling a comfortable bluetooth mouse might be profitable... Check out the eBay listings for the MX-5500, it's crazy what people will pay for these!

Comment Any season but summer (Score 1) 346

I live in Phoenix Arizona. Any season but summer would be fine with me. A while back I bought a BBQ meat thermometer to measure the temperature of the seats in my car. The LCD on the meat thermometer couldn't handle the heat. In the early part of summer, the seats (where I put my delicate hiney) measured out at 197F. I keep a set of insulated gloves in the center console, so that I can hold the steering wheel with more than just my fingernails without getting burned.

Like I said, any season but summer!

Comment OS on SSD, media on HDD (Score 1) 232

All of my computers boot and have their frequently used programs stored on SSDs, for maximum responsiveness. However all of my media is stored on a my server in an array of spinning WD Red drives (10TB, yeah baby!). With gigabit ethernet, I have no problems streaming the media as needed.

Each type of storage has it's strong and weak points... the key is to use them appropriately.

Comment Re:I was in China last month, and asked... (Score 4, Interesting) 327

I have to agree with this... When my girlfriend broke her iPhone 4, she tried to decide which phone to get. Basically, it came down to the iPhone 5 (with it's tiny screen) or the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (with it's ginormous screen). She ended up with the Note and was happy, especially after all her friends were jealous. After all, creating envy in friends is one of the prime purposes of a premium phone!

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