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Comment Cue the Kenny Loggins Music!! (Score 1) 29

Wherein the Maverick AI enabled drone shows real promise until he loses his SSD backup best friend in a freak accident sending him into a deep depression and bought of soul searching. But he pulls his shit together in the end and saves the day.

Yea, and let's throw some lasers in there too for good measure, and maybe aliens, not sure.

Nah, aliens.

Comment Re:Ain't it bizarre? (Score 1) 176

I think ultimately the opposite will happen. Drones will fill the sky and we'll all be ok with it. Consider that some time in the not-too-distant future drones will be able to autonomously out-fly any human. They wont get tired, and they'll be able sense omni directionally and avoid each other, and just like ceding the responsibility of driving to self-driving cars we will let it happen because time is precious, why waste it? Meanwhile we will have modified our concept of privacy to accommodate drone ubiquity.

Neutrinos are into physicists.