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by w_dragon (#48088379) Attached to: Complain About Comcast, Get Fired From Your Job
That's interesting. Here in Ontario it's the opposite, people are almost always let go without cause and given at least the minimum severance required by law so they won't sue. I'm not a business owner, but I think the employment insurance payments are set based only on an employee's pay. Fascinating how much small differences in similar government programs can affect behavior.

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You haven't worked much as a developer. Having built systems used by tens of millions of users I guarantee you that every time Amazon rolls out an update to the store or cloud software there's an ops person biting their nails hoping the system doesn't die. When Google released Gmail they only allowed each user to invite a certain number of friends in order to slowly ramp up the system. Writing any software that is made to have millions of users on day one is really fucking hard.

On top of that steps 2 and 3 require interacting with external systems who may also not be able to handle load well, and probably use a combination of buggy and poorly documented interfaces, and step 5 requires reading a bill so long that the people who voted for it didn't bother to read it. You're grossly trivializing the problem.

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by w_dragon (#47822331) Attached to: Can ISO 29119 Software Testing "Standard" Really Be a Standard?
It's worse than that. Large companies will lobby government to make sure that not only government contractors must be certified on the standard, so must anyone who sells to certain regulated industries. Want to sell to airlines or food processors, even if it's non-critical software? Hope you're certified.

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by w_dragon (#47725529) Attached to: How Does Tesla Build a Supercharger Charging Site?
The only places you need quick-charge station are places where people will be traveling long distances. Most of the time people will charge overnight at home. Most highways have areas where you could easily build a huge lot with rapid chargers. I suspect the larger issue most places will be finding and transporting enough power to charge perhaps hundreds of cars at one time.

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On the ground this could be easily solved in a number of ways. When a plane goes off-course where it shouldn't be, however, the last-ditch attempt to communicate by the fighters that intercept is a standard set of hand signals. That could be a problem if they can't see the pilots.

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Windows screw up the aerodynamics and force the cockpit to be at the front of the plane, making the most critical controls run the full length of the plane. If the front of the plane were smoother a flight could burn less fuel, the main cost in flying these days. If the cockpit were towards the back a lot of weight could be reduced in control lines to the wings and tail, all that's needed from the nose is wiring for a couple (critical) warning systems.

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