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Comment Re:Given the hype around 3D printing ... (Score 2) 101

I just don't find enough uses for it to justify the floor or bench space for the machine. In subtractive manufacturing where one takes away material I can work in metal, plastic, and wood. I can cut, plane, sand, shave, drill, tap, or die-cut, and if I pick up one of those tabletop mills, I could mill and otherwise create channels, and these can all be done in three different materials.

The problem is that a cheap 3dPrinter can do shapes which would require 5-DOF CNC. These are very expensive. So you can use only plastic in a 3d printer but you can do very complicated shapes. With a cheaper 3 DOF CNC you can use also wood or metals, but the shapes you can produce will be simpler.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 99

Don't forget it isn't just raw watt savings. You also have the heat dissipation of that heat, and then the additional AC load and it's inefficiency. I'd multiply power savings by 3-4 if you want an accurate figure for amount saved.

Fans running at a bit higher RPM does not increase energy consumption in a noticeable way. A typical PC fan power consumption is about 2W. If you are water cooling without fans then there will not be any difference at all.

If you need air-condition at all then you must realize that these systems have COP of about 4. That means that increasing heat dissipation of your computer by X watts will lead to increase of air-condition consumption by about X/4. That means that your power multiplier of 3-4 is very wrong. If you really want to apply it at all (notice that in during winter you save on heating) then it should be somewhere around 1.25 - 1.3. That does not make a significant difference.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 99

I was considering upgrades because of power savings many times and I always did a computation how long it would take so that the saved energy pays for the upgrade. Mostly the result was about 9 years. It was always bigger than 4 years. In other words it does not make sense to upgrade because of power savings. I guess only Germans (where energy is ridiculously expensive for home users) may consider upgrade because of power savings :)

Comment a lot of small things (Score 1) 266

cases (avr-dragon, beaglebone)

replacement parts (e.g. knobs for scope, handle for a valve, dust cover for a bicycle pedal ...)

coil spools

holder type things (e.g. PSU holder, HDD holder, CPU water cooler holder, ...)

toys for kids (e.g. a planetary gear assembly to teach them how it works)

improvement parts for the 3d printer itself

prototyping stuff (e.g. usable ergonomic contoured keyboard case)

Comment Re:CPU (Score 1) 107

A lot of controllers require a crystal if you want to use them only as a low or at most full speed USB device.

Did you want to tell that people should not try to build something which would be able to do a low speed USB connection?

But it is true there are controllers which do not need a crystal for USB.

Comment Re:That would be a nightmare. (Score 1) 209

You probably do not know the really important stuff about him, just what his PR team wants you to know.

Timeline may not be a bad thing if it can be assured the same level of access for everybody and the same level of detail and reliability. And no way to opt out especially for those with power.

Comment Re:What the fuck is this pretentious bullshit? (Score 1) 190

If you touch type then you can avoid bottoming out the key when you have a good mechanical keyboard. This way you can avoid the hard slowdown at the end of the keystroke which makes finger joint fatigue smaller.

Bottoming out is the impact when a key reaches the end of travel. The problem with many (but not all) cheap rubber dome keyboards is that the actual key-press is detected only very near the end of the total key travel available. So very soon after key-press registration the key cannot move down any more.

E.g. Cherry MX brown switches register key-press just after the tactile bump somewhere before 2 mm of travel down. The actual bottoming out happens at 4 mm. This gives you a bit more than 2 mm to stop pressing the key and avoiding the impact of bottoming out. I do not know any rubber dome keyboard which gives you so much length to stop pressing the key.

If you do not type a lot then there is no need for a mechanical keyboard.

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