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Comment software (Score 1) 1880

I do audio production and although some people swear by mac, you just have more options on a widows machine with so many 3rd party developers and amazing freeware options thanks to things like sythedit. Linux on the other hand is a bitch to do anything audio-wise - I keep all of my machines dual booting because I actually like linux but it just isn't functional for what I do at home.

Comment Re:Just like the "war on illegal variable X" (Score 1) 338

While I'm all for protecting our rights, changing the system to everybody is protected, and making sure our votes count, let's not kid ourselves, we're still just whining about our first world problems of not having enough luxuries.

actually we are complaining that people with money are "whining about our first world problems of not having enough luxuries" and pushing laws and regulations to crack down on the populace for not giving them an unending supply.

Comment Re:Jailbreak != Root (Score 1) 138

last time I checked there were not custom IOS ROMs out there.

it would certainly be awesome if there were - though the whole monopoly on the hardware thing is what prevents it, most ROMs are compiled from other base ROMs and tweaked or rebuilt - as there is only one iOS and one line of hardware you don't really have the diversity of base developer ROMs to work from.

Comment Re:I would have given up a while ago (Score 1) 160

Maybe if you copyright that idea and sue the Winklevii when they do something that sounds similar (to someone who has no idea about islands) then you can have a couple million for yourself.

See, this is why you aren't in the money and they are... as that would be a method, it would be a patent and not a copyright.

Comment Re:$27,000 is not that small (Score 1) 143

What exactly does that mean ? Litigation is so expensive that you should just pay up when somebody sues you
for thousands of dollars ? Is the court encouraging blackmail by lawsuit ??


Unfortunately that is the way that the system works. It isn't fair but it is the way it is and people don't want to change it because they don't realize how bad it is until the hammer hits them.

Comment Re:Apple Stores (Score 1) 636

the question is why did virtually none of Apple's competitors do it first?

the same reason more people don't use linux, it is primarily designed for and by people interested in their functionality and not for the general public. That's why there are so many robust possibilities but you still end up with an isolated user base

Comment Re:Apple Stores (Score 1) 636

Atheism isn't a religion, but it is a leap of faith nevertheless. You are basically saying, without any proof, that god doesn't exist

kind of like you believe with a leap of faith that there aren't zombies roaming the streets and aliens taking over our cities?
it isn't a leap of faith to believe that something that you have no evidence of doesn't exist... it is faith when you believe that something with no evidence of it's existence does.

Comment Re:Comcast isn't a monopoly everywhere (Score 1) 366

But, on the whole, I agree with you. The government *is* more powerful and potentially more dangerous than a corporation.

The government only has as much power and money as you want to give it, unless you do stupid things like have been done recently. We have actively given up our rights over the last couple of decades, that isn't the government's fault - it is ours. The government isn't evil, people are just rash and reactionary and people IN the government take advantage of that.

Comment could not take the article seriously (Score 1) 121

I don't have a lot of love for the tablet since I have read other reviews that complained of the performance but when I read:

this "slap it together mentality" is one reason no tablets come close to the iPad.

I couldn't really take anything he said seriously as I knew that the rest of the review would be a bunch of biased crap - and when he goes into the windows usage it did get really stupid.

Comment Re:"...steal..." (Score 1) 575

Maybe actually using the credit cards isn't their MO, but they were behind the gawker intrusions which also stole passwords and account details. Anonymous being behind this makes sense because if you remember, right after doing the DOS attacks, they stopped and put out a public statement saying that they wanted to do something to directly affect Sony and not to bomb the servers because it only effected users. Ironically if they are behind it directly intruding on the servers actually affected users far more than the couple of days of DOS attacks as the network has been offline for weeks to shore up the security.

Comment Re:FBI Too Focused On Child Porn (Score 1) 487

...instead of focusing on child pornographers.

Actually, no. At least if you believe what you see on the news every other day, there has been a far larger focus on consumers than pornographers. Pornorgraphers seem to have more of a free pass, you hear about some high school teacher getting busted for viewing kiddie porn every other day but as far as those making the stuff - I think I remember a story of a ring going down a little while ago but it was an international ring and most of the people were overseas so I don't know how much the FBI was really responsible for.

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