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Mathematicians Aim To Take Publishers Out of Publishing 162

Posted by Soulskill
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ananyo writes "Mathematicians plan to launch a series of free open-access journals that will host their peer-reviewed articles on the preprint server arXiv. The project was publicly revealed in a blog post by Tim Gowers, a Fields Medal winner and mathematician at the University of Cambridge, UK. The initiative, called the Episciences Project, hopes to show that researchers can organize the peer review and publication of their work at minimal cost, without involving commercial publishers. 'It’s a global vision of how the research community should work: we want to offer an alternative to traditional mathematics journals,' says Jean-Pierre Demailly, a mathematician at the University of Grenoble, France, who is a leader in the effort. Backed by funding from the French government, the initiative may launch as early as April, he says."

Comment: Re:What a crappy analogy (Score 1) 616

by voltorb (#41210853) Attached to: Torvalds Takes Issue With De Icaza's Linux Desktop Claims
Your comment is full of buzzwords, but without real understanding of the issue. First of all, understand this: a desktop Linux distributions is not Android or iOS. There is no "app development". A Linux-based distribution is not "personal computing", "app market" or a car. Having trouble selling your "app"? Go somewhere else.

Comment: Re:This is fishy. (Score 1) 198

by voltorb (#41152911) Attached to: Microsoft Denies Windows 8 App Spying Via SmartScreen
Thank you, Microsoft. However, if you read it carefully, you will see that it says "We will use it for A and B. We won't use it for X and Y" and it doesn't say "We will use it for and only for A and B". This is why they need to mention that "we won't use it for X and Y". Of course I haven't actually used or installed Windows 8! Microsoft is known to lie and subvert their users, and I wouldn't trust anything with them. I haven't forgotten about their smear campaigns and FUDs on Open/Free software, Halloween documents or their beloved manipulation tactics "embrace, extend and extinguish".

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