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Comment: Re:Kahn's Academy (Score 1) 117

Yesterday there were three major motor sports races. I imagine if the three winners where to attend a high school drivers education class they might decide that it was tedious and no fun. Repetition is for boneheads to make sure they remember, not for people who are already experts.

The majority of people do not think math is fun. They will not willingly do it. For others it's writing, or science, and for others, PE. For a balanced education students must understand that learning is necessary work, even if it is not fun.

We spend hundreds of billions trying to educate our children with spending tripling since I started school in 1958. Somehow despite these efforts students receive less education now then students did 100 years ago.

Comment: Re:In other news... (Score 1) 256

by volmtech (#49745613) Attached to: Energy Dept. Wants Big Wind Energy Technology In All 50 US States

There is no true solution to CO2 that does not involve suffering and death. Wind turbines are a tiny band aid on a sucking chest wound. You can try sneaking a few renewables into the energy supply but when Western nations start experiencing blackouts there will be repercussions.

Just tell everyone the lifestyle reductions that are necessary and you will get many volunteers. Maybe a larger town, such as Denton, Texas, could power itself entirely with renewables and show us that it wont be so bad.

I'm not denying that CO2 is a problem, just that you can't sugar coat the human cost of eliminating our use of fossil fuels.

Comment: Re:In other news... (Score 1) 256

by volmtech (#49739059) Attached to: Energy Dept. Wants Big Wind Energy Technology In All 50 US States
You have started a different argument. What was the Soviets solution for defeating the Nazis? How much sacrifice are you demanding from the population? How much is needed? We may have to send hundreds of thousands of conscripts to their deaths to save the Earth. I'm sure you want get many volunteers.

Comment: New dogs, New tricks (Score 1) 302

by volmtech (#49737621) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Skills Do HS Students Need To Know Now?

At 48 my non tech wife started nursing school. Most instruction is presented with Power Point. Here is what I had to teach her so she was able to become the most outstanding student in her class.

Search skills. Nursing requires a broad understanding of anatomy, medical terms, and medications. At first she would type Google into the Firefox search bar to start searching. I showed her how to do a Boolean search.

I then had to show her how to save important information. First how to bookmark a page so she could find it later. I showed her how to save a page or image to her computer so she could use it offline.

Students need to learn how to use cooperative email systems to share information with teachers and other students in their class. She had to learn the basics of PowerPoint and Word to review the class information and write reports. She had to learn how to use the print functions of PowerPoint and Word to print out study materials. Knowing the capabilities and settings of the printer allows paper and ink savings by shrinking pages and using double sided printing if available. In an institutional setting students should know how to find and connect to an available printer.

Comment: Re: Oh for fucks sake (Score 1) 615

by volmtech (#49712571) Attached to: The Economic Consequences of Self-Driving Trucks

I enjoy white privilege for the same reason my children will enjoy it, white parents. Not the White part but what our culture does to maintain perceived privilege. Most black neighborhoods have many Korean and Indian owned business. Is there Asian privilege?

King James version quote, " ...for the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for the children." I guess Jews are privileged also.

Comment: Re:This is a good thing! (Score 1) 613

by volmtech (#49711239) Attached to: A Plan On How To Stop Sexism In Science

Most animals want the company of others like them, humans included. White men predominate in most science situations. They feel more comfortable with other white men so most new hires will be white men. Most jobs do not require the absolute best, just good enough. There are plenty of white men like me who are good enough.

The only way to get ride of this de facto sexism is of course blatant sexism. Hire women just because. There will also be blatant racism to balance the racial mix also. In either case meritocracy will not be practiced.

Comment: Re:No fault insurance, done (Score 1) 408

I, for one, wouldn't mind RFID for every car. No car would be allowed on the road without insurance or valid registration. Also only people with a traceable license should be allowed to drive. A large portion of people involved in accidents have no or a suspended license and no insurance.

. I know, Big Brother, but almost everyone is tracked everywhere they go by their cell carrier now anyway. With a few more sensors the actions of every driver will be available and fault in any accident easily ascertained.

Comment: Re:A Baseball Pitcher throws a fastball (Score 1) 525

You don't have to make people do anything. You have to stop people from doing things. Stop people from mining coal, stop people from drilling oil and gas wells, and stop people from off loading oil tankers. After that conservation will take care of itself. You may have to stop some food riots but everything else will work itself out.

Comment: Re:"The Polar Bears will be fine" (Score 1) 372

by volmtech (#49654599) Attached to: Global Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach New Monthly Record

Thank you for your very intelligible reply. I'm a disabled old guy and often try to post things after I have taken my medication. I have multiply sites that I visit every day to see what the newest theories are. At Zero Hedge it's all the Jewish bankers fault. At Finite Earth the oil is going to run out and then all the spent fuel rods at every nuclear power plant are going to catch fire and doom us all. At CommonDreams, ThinkProgress, and the other green sites it's the Republicans fault.

People with nothing think a sq ft solar panel is wonderful. People with 3000 sq ft homes are going to be less impressed. My 85 year old father plowed with mules as a teenager. He was 15 before his family got electricity. Civilization will continue without oil but it's not going to be bright and shiny. The oil is not going to run out quick enough to suit many people. There will be force involved to prevent people from using coal and oil. I'll keep you in mind when I see it.

Comment: Re:"The Polar Bears will be fine" (Score 1) 372

by volmtech (#49650443) Attached to: Global Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach New Monthly Record

Farmers grow corn to sell to ranchers who sell beef to anyone who wants to buy it. Forcing people not to sell beef will not feed anyone, the farmers will simply plant less corn. The gleaming, Apple store solar powered world you envision is impossible. The dirty real horsepower world of 1840 is much more likely.

Not to say climate change isn't happening, it just isn't that much of a problem now. Some have postulated a WW II sized mobilization will be necessary to fight climate change. In 1940 England was in imminent danger of being invaded but the military had to draft people who wouldn't fight otherwise. A climate draft will be necessary. I already live on a farm. I hope you like heat and bugs.

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