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Comment: Re:Ummm, no. Just no. (Score 1) 573

by volmtech (#49511885) Attached to: William Shatner Proposes $30 Billion Water Pipeline To California

Deserts are ideal places to grow most crops. Abundant sunlight and low humidity prevents molds and blight. Few plants outside the watered areas to harbor insects. No excess rainfall to leach away your expensive fertilizers and drown your plants.

I have farmed spring potatoes in Florida. Seed pieces washed out of the ground by heavy rainfall. Seed pieces rotting in water soaked soil. Trying to harvest the crop from a muddy field is akin to being sent to Devil's Island.

Comment: Re:That's great news! (Score 1) 508

Most positions only require a competent person, not the highest qualified. You can't hire the best qualified person without considering their interaction with their new co-workers. If you force a strident feminist into a shop of male jocks your productivity will go to hell. If you want to make money you do not engage in social engineering.

With government jobs you don't have to make money or actually achieve your purpose (such as giving children an education) so you can social engineer to your hearts content.

Comment: Re:But....Profits! (Score 1) 280

by volmtech (#49453201) Attached to: The Myth of Going Off the Power Grid
My power cost $.10 a KWh. I average 1000 KWh a month now. Replacing my dead 3.5 ton central AC with window units saved me $50 a month. Painting my roof white saved a few of those dollars. Replacing my energy inefficient (but paid for) mobile home with a new house would cost $150,000. No thanks, I'm good, also poor so it's not happening anyway.

Comment: Re:Gaming the system (Score 1) 75

by volmtech (#49443335) Attached to: FTC Creates Office Dedicated To "Algorithmic Transparency"
OK, banks are all about money. They know when and how much I deposit. What would prevent a bank from making a transaction report for me when I deposited the 4000 dollars? That way their customer (me) doesn't get into trouble. Are they not allowed? I have to keep track of my deposits and request a report myself? Shouldn't the teller inform me that I am over the reporting limit and the IRS might seize my money?

Comment: Re:It's a farce (Score 1) 62

by volmtech (#49443187) Attached to: Uber Finally Accepts Cash -- For Autorickshaws In Delhi
This is an ongoing subject. According to some other poster it cost x amount of dollars to run a cab. A taxi can't run at a loss so the more taxis there are the less riders per taxi means higher fares to keep all those cabs running. That million dollar medallion might have something to do with cost though.

Comment: Re:If you could run your own cable this would go a (Score 1) 208

by volmtech (#49401139) Attached to: Comcast Planning 2Gbps Service, Starting With Atlanta
Without eminent domain most roads and transmission lines would be imposable or ruinously expensive to build. That one pass you need to go through is owned by a man who's great grand pappy is buried there and he wont move. Going around that mountain is going to cost you. What we have mostly works, when it doesn't, that's what courts are for. Broadband internet has become a needed utility. All but the most isolated should have affordable access.

Comment: Re:"Unpowered" Energy ;) (Score 1) 128

The elderly and partially disabled need leg supports that keep you from falling. Occasionally my right leg gives out. I go to take a step and BOOM, I'm on the ground. It happens often enough my reflex is to put my hands to my chest and roll to land on my right shoulder. It's hard to get some exercise and yard work done when you spend a fair amount of time inspecting your lawn at eye level.

Comment: Re:Wrong place at the wrong time.... (Score 0) 113

Or it could exonerate you. Some years back a black office worker went to lunch. A crime was committed some miles away by a black man. The police zeroed in on this guy even though he would have to have driven over the speed limit all the way to and from the crime scene and had green lights all the way. Even though people swore they saw him have lunch a few blocks from his office he couldn't prove where he was.

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