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Comment: Re:Wrong place at the wrong time.... (Score 0) 110

Or it could exonerate you. Some years back a black office worker went to lunch. A crime was committed some miles away by a black man. The police zeroed in on this guy even though he would have to have driven over the speed limit all the way to and from the crime scene and had green lights all the way. Even though people swore they saw him have lunch a few blocks from his office he couldn't prove where he was.

Comment: Who needs carbon? (Score 1) 283

Much of the twenty first century's GDP is produced without burning something. Government borrowing is counted in the GDP. Telecommunications, financial, and medical services grow the GDP without smokestacks. Automation increases productivity without increasing energy usage.

Renewables are coming online now. They have a carbon footprint but it shrinks as the energy used in their production is amortized over their useful lifetime.

Comment: Re:Spider Robinson warned us 30-odd years ago... (Score 1) 386

Thanks for the link, good read. A much simpler solution would be to allow copying. There would be no fees or punitive damages, just an equatable share of profits. A panel of arbitrators would decide who gets how much.

Allowing parts of old works in new works makes the art world pie bigger, not smaller. Artist should be glad for the extra exposure. Myself I never heard the Marvin Gaye song and I don't much care for Blurred Lines but I could watch Eimily Ratajkowski prance around all day.

Comment: Re:Five Things To Consider (Score 1) 279

by volmtech (#49221683) Attached to: California's Hot, Dry Winters Tied To Climate Change

As a farmer you have to make the maximum profit you can otherwise you lose your land ( ask me how I know). Any practice that lowers your profit compared to your neighbors increases your chances of bankruptcy. Simply mandating all growers adopt the same practices may cause consumers to switch to less expensive foods.

To have a sustainable economy everyone has to be forced to participate. Otherwise cheaters will make more profit. To stop climate change no country or individual can be allowed to cheat. Politics and money can force some change, it will take bullets and bombs to enforce the rest.

Comment: Re:"an act of social provocation"? (Score 1) 367

by volmtech (#49207687) Attached to: Come and Take It, Texas Gun Enthusiasts (Video)

Under US law the lower receiver ( where the trigger is located ) is the part that has a serial number and has to be registered. The ATF does not consider one that is only 80% finished by the manufacturer to be a firearm. A person can buy one of these and finish it himself and not have to register it. All the other parts can legally be bought to create a working unregistered gun.

This can be done with a simple jig on a small ordinary drill press without too much effort. The CNC machine will do it with no effort. It is illegal to sell the finished lowers or to charge someone for access to your machine. Polymer blocks can also be used and are even easier to machine.

This is only for the .223 AR-15. This is a very popular kit gun and can be customized with different accessories.

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein