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Comment Re:I do it wrong (Score 1) 240

I went to high school in the late 60s. I had taught myself to type during the summer and only took typing class for an easy credit. Being left handed I used my left thumb for the space bar. I was instructed to use my right thumb. When I ask the teacher why I couldn't use my left thumb she said because I will fail you if you do. Turns out the teacher knew best. Fifty years later my left hand is mostly paralyzed from carpel tunnel and I have been forced back to my right for mousing and one handed typing.

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 1) 380

My genetic body weight is 212 lbs. I have maintained that weight for the last 40 years with three exceptions. At thirty two my wife left me and I was despondent and had to eat my own cooking. I lost down to 175. I found a new wife and went back to 212. Ten years later I lost my farm and had to scramble for work. Again despondent and exhausted. Down to 175. I find a good job and back to 212. Ten years later I get depressed again and have a chronic tooth infection, back to 175. Today I weigh 212 and hopefully no life shattering event is about to happen and I wont have go though rapid weight loss again.

Every time I lost weigh I didn't really feel hungry. Now I'm partial disabled and can't do any real work so I watch what I eat. I only buy health food, no snacks wrapped cellophane. My wife lost almost 70 lbs and is determined to not regain it so a lot of salads and no sweets in the house. As you get older you have to eat less and less to maintain a stable weight.

Comment Re:We are stupid (Score 1) 378

My wife loves our Brother MFC-J870DW printer. $99 from Amazon. It accepted the cheap after market ink tanks without a peep. It just works, and for her thats something because all things electronic hate her, with good reason. She once blue screened my computer, killing the keyboard and attached scanner with one touch. For toughness I nominate my 10 year old OKI C5400 color laser printer. At least it was 10 when my wife demanded I replace it. And yes, it didn't like her, I had to force it to print things for her. The Brother is a sweetheart.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 361

People who paid attention in biology class should know this. Different plants have different pollination methods. Most corn is hybrid and saved seed will not produce. Canola, cotton, and soybeans are open pollinated and saved seed will grow exactly like the parent plant. Terminator seeds from open pollinated plants will not grow. Pollen from any of these plants will affect any nearby plants of the same species.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 84

Most of those poor folk have an iPhone 5 or 6. If Google gives them a WiFi router they wont have to use any of their data plan. No, I'm not being a racist. My wife is going to nursing school and many of her classmates are in that situation and they all have new iPhones. My wife is grateful to have her Galaxy S2.

Comment Re:How is this news for nerds? (Score 1) 1083

People gravitate to where they feel comfortable. I don't know anyone who is gay, so does that mean there are no gays in my town? A gay friendly area is going to have more gays.

Turn on the television, at least one ten is gay. On HGTV every third couple buying a home is gay. Will more children experiment with gay sex because it's deemed normal now? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Comment Re:Very Disturbing Trend (Score 1) 1083

No society has every had gay marriage but many practiced polygamy. However states can forbid it because no two people can marry a third, see, equal protection. I guess a state could allow it as long as any two can marry a third or fourth etc. Now let's see if they can interpret the 2nd amendment and block states from infringing on gun rights.

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