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Comment Re:Where's the pudding? (Score 1) 256

At my church in the American South we had a Scottish street preacher visit. Being of Scots decent myself I was loving his accent. As he was making a point in his sermon in all seriousness he uttered that phrase. I am sure he did not listen to rock music and had no idea why some of us where holding back laughter.

Comment Re:What about the rights of those injured by firea (Score 1) 1145

If and when a Militia is needed the citizens will have the guns they need because our right to guns was not infringed. If our rights are infringed the guns will not be available for a Militia so the guns stay.

If the Supreme Court can find abortion rights in the right to privacy and can restrict free expression of religion on public property by claiming not restricting it is a law they could surly find that only active Militia members can have guns. Of course if that were the case there would be 20 million active Militia members over night. I think they fear that more than few dozen school shootings a year.

Comment Re:Hated it too. 35 years, STILL surrounded by mor (Score 1) 307

Due to circumstances in 1996 I found myself working at a produce packing plant. I grew up on a family farm and fell into that instead of going to college. Facing the draft (this was 1972) I went into the Navy where I was offered admission to the nuclear power program. Regretfully I chose not to go.

My supervisor had at one time worked for the DoD servicing ballistic missiles and served in the first Gulf war working on the JSTARS aircraft and Navy F 14s. The man was a mechanical genius but burned out doing top secret work and took the production supervisor job because it was five minutes from his house.

He would keep me there for hours talking after work because I was the only intelligent person he had worked with in years. I learned an incredible amount things in the ten years we worked together.

Comment GPS to the rescue (Score 1) 241

Every employee would have a baseline commuting time. Work hours start after the employee has driving his usual commute time. Businesses that have no established office could designate some street address as Home base. Employees would drive to the home base first several times to establish a commute time for themselves.

If your client is close to where you live you get to drink another cup of coffee before you start work.

Comment Re:bluetooth keyboard and their smartphone (Score 1) 508

I was extrapolating where the younger students will be in 6 or 7 years. The class is only 13 students so it is a small sample. Most are employed as CNAs and are trying to get better positions. A cellphone is a requirement for employment. The iPhone is a status thing and they somehow find money to get the best. Their lives do not revolve around computers and if they have one it is so virus laden as to be useless.

I taught my wife on-line searching skills and she spends hours researching and finding nursing help sites. Many of the other students do little or no studying and depend on the teacher throwing out enough missed answers so they can pass the tests. Supposedly they have good people skills and will still make good nurses. At least I have my wife to care for me in my old age (she's 15 years younger than me) but the rest of you shouldn't expect much. People living outside of the South or large urban areas may have a different experience.

Comment Re:bluetooth keyboard and their smartphone (Score 1) 508

You would be very wrong. My wife is taking nursing classes at a tech school. Most of the students in her class are poor young women with at least one child. While two or three do not have a computer at home they all have iPhones. Most also have a grant to pay for the course that includes an $800 check to pay for incidentals. No one showed up with a laptop but several got new iPhones. My wife is happy with her Galaxy S2 but her old HP dv1000 had gotten too slow so I got her an HP 15 for $350 from Amazon

Of course nursing courses are more advanced than middle school. Much of the class work is presented on Power Points and the text books only cover the basics. People without computer skills and Internet are very disadvantaged. With me for IT support my wife is the top student. Should she be held back because most of the students are not as privileged?

Comment Re:Also the Solution to the Last Mile Problem? (Score 1) 164

Hmmm, The federal government just paid to install water lines in my rural area. The pipe ends (actually starts a quarter mile from my house where the well field is). We have a reliable and shallow water table so this wasn't needed. They had to up grade the electrical service down my road to provide three phase power to the pumps so at least my power is much more reliable.

In the twenty first century I would think high speed internet would be considered just as necessary as clean water. Every home that is getting water service has access to DSL and cable. My home is beyond where these services end. I don't mind providing my own water but some municipal high speed would be nice.

Comment Change everthing (Score 1) 224

No matter what your stand is on climate change we are running out of affordable oil and coal. We have to set up a renewable infrastructure while we still have the fossil fuel energy and wealth to do it. We can't power our current civilization with renewables so we have to change our civilization. A pastoral agricultural based civilization can get by with intermittent power. Facilities that need uninterrupted power can invest in battery storage and bio fueled peaking plants.

After over forty years of farm work I am in a position to grow my own food and my front yard happens to be a fifty acre field. I look forward to working alongside some anti GMO people and watch as they cheerfully pull weeds.

Comment Re: Hypothesis: Patch the good eye (Score 1) 155

Four decades ago my infant daughter was diagnosed with lazy eye so we put a patch on her good eye. She constantly tried to pull it off so after a few days I took it off of her. A few years latter it was determined she had optic nerve damage from a birth defect and had no sight in that eye. We were blinding her with that patch.

Comment Re:Three main types of bad jobs. (Score 1) 474

I worked as a tech at a produce packing plant that was transitioning from total manual operation (hand hung bags and spring scales with a dial needle) to automated weighing and handling machines. I was working with an electrical and mechanical genius. He had worked for the DoD servicing ballistic missals. We helped the manufacture devolve the software and improve the pneumatic mechanical parts.

We were responsible for almost everything except sales. Building maintenance, receiving check in, all production equipment, electric and hydraulic, plus cooler refrigeration and packing floor AC.

That job was blue collar but before that I ran a family farm for 25 years so I was always looking at things from a management standpoint. Mostly it was asking my coworker why we were doing things the wrong way. The answer was always that is how the owner thinks it should be done. The owner had worked his way up from a farm hand to the owner of a 10 million dollar business and still thought he was the smartest person in the building. Self made millionaires are infuriating to work with, as are geniuses. Having to work for both a millionaire farmer when I had failed at farming and with a genius who was also bigger and stronger than me was humbling and very tiring. I just collect my SS check and troll the inter-webs now.

Comment Re: Programming (Score 2) 616

This is pervasive throughout American education, especaly with disadvantaged minorities. My wife is in nursing school. She is an older student and studies very hard. She is also the top student in her class. Of the 13 students in her class 4 or 5 fail every exam. The teacher then throws out enough of the tough questions so every one can pass or offers extra credit work. Last night the teacher offered a 50% grade bonus for doing the workbook pages for that segment. Some students started whining that there were too many pages, how about enough credit to pass from just a few? These are our future nursing home staff. I plan on dieing at home.

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