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Comment Re:Questions... (Score 1) 135

It's not greed, just survival. For some unknown reason antibiotics have a synergistic growth effect on animals that are not sick so antibiotics are feed to healthy animals. In the real world most businesses are barely profitable so any action that can increase profits is used to avoid bankruptcy.

With population pressures and increasing antibiotic resistant bacteria our whole food producing system may have to be overhauled. This aside from the massive carbon dioxide emissions from modern agriculture that must be addressed.

In many ways Capitalism is destroying the Earth and with all of us dependent on a healthy world more socialism will be needed. As a Conservative Republican this pains me but our very survival depends on this. Instituting this without concentration camps and killing fields will be difficult.

Comment Re:Fact check or PC checking? (Score 1) 337

It would simplify discussing the subject of slavery. The slave trade brought slaves to the New World to slave for their masters doing all sorts of slave. Their continued slaving interrupted only briefly by raping and beatings after which they returned to slaving. Sound OK? Sort of how Smurfs talk.

Comment Re:Children or not (Score 1) 200

Just don't drive too slow in front of a school bus. I had to drive a barely functional Gradall excavator from one farm field to another along a country road. I had to go a quarter mile around a long curve. The bus couldn't pass so the driver called the cops on me. Farm equipment is allowed to go slow. The cop just gave me the once over and left.

Comment Re:For what its worth (Score 1) 387

Does Bill know that the S in NASCAR stands for STOCK? For safety and completive reasons they no longer actualy use production street cars. They also race vehicles that resemble pickup trucks. It is a speed show with specific rules. You want American high tech racing watch Indy cars.

I wonder if Bill has any advise on how Pro Golf can improve their game? I'm sure science can devolve a ball that travels farther and the clubs they have to use are ridiculous.

Comment Re:Mixed (Score 1) 350

In defense of people turning left before turning right many Southerners often pull trailers or drive trucks and automatically swing wide when turning even when driving a small vehicle. As to people not watching the light but only moving after the car ahead of them moves you where probably behind my wife. I have learned not to correct her driving habits because I don't want to have to walk home.

Comment Re:You obviously don't know what real autism is (Score 1) 345

OH the joys of working in an exceptional student class. Not me, but my wife who had some humorous tales. One little girl couldn't stand singing. One little boy sang constantly. Put them side by side and hilarity ensues. She holds her hands over her ears and squeals "Stop singing!". He of course doubles his volume. After a few iterations she is reduced to continuous shrieking and he LA LAing at the top of his lungs.

Comment Re:What country do you live in? (Score 1) 165

As a conservative I hate the premise of Obamacare. Unfortunately it was necessary. If group plans had never been allowed this would not have happened. With me on disability insurance for my wife is subsidized and I pay $2.20 a month. No way could we afford the whole $660 monthly premium.

She is finishing her training to be a nurse so next year she will be paying a full premium when she gets a job. Personally I think medical care should be considered a utility and either be publicly owned or if private highly regulated.

Comment Re:Raises work in lower-paid jobs as well (Score 1) 500

My brother works for a larger defense contractor (think B2). He is responsible for anti corrosion cad plating on aircraft parts. After fifteen years he just now has started training his replacement. He was helping his son in law move furniture and developed a hernia and will be out at least a month. The place is in a panic, he is 62, did they think he was going to work forever?

Comment Re: How about (Score 1) 237

Many people are homeless because there are no free apartments near the parts of town they want to live at. They want the activity or drug that they can only get there. Drag them outside of town and place them in a nice apartment and by morning they will be gone, back into the city. Now sure, you could build those apartments in the back alleys they prefer but that is very expensive real estate.

Comment Re:They cant control navigation. (Score 1) 350

Starting up a steam powered ship without electricity is more than merely inconvenient if you are part of team manning the hand powered boiler feed pump. In the mid seventy's I was in the Navy reserve on a WWII era destroyer. We lost our condensate pump and had to shut down the boilers when the main condensers flooded. Being an underfunded training ship both emergency diesel generators were non functional. It was somewhat discerning to wakeup to complete silence while out to sea on a ship that was drifting with the current.

After helping repair the condensate pump I was ordered to the #1 boiler room to help get steam up. Two of us would crank like mad on the manual feed pump to pressurize the water going to the boiler. Every thirty seconds a new team took over. After an exhausting five minutes there was enough steam pressure to run the steam powered feed pump. After a few more minutes there was enough steam to run the main turbo generators and we got electricity back.

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