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Comment: vnc again (Score 1) 247

by vmerc (#41056703) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Options For FOSS Remote Support Software?
I admit I didn't read every last reply but have you considered uVNC single click? It comes default with an encryption plugin and you simply email the no-install exe to your relative. Or I suppose you could host it on a web site. This app ends itself once the intended helper disconnects. It solves the port problem on the customer side, is secure, and simple. The only caveat is, it's windows only.

Comment: Re:I live in Ann Arbor... (Score 2) 248

I also live in Ann arbor and I have a child in high school there. The school system leaves a lot to be desired but not once have I heard my child or anyone else complain about the technology. The schools asking for more money is asinine. They get all of the regular income including already ridiculously high school taxes of any given school district plus they get a nice windfall for every home game for the UofM football team. The high school is across from the stadium and they sell parking in the monstrous field in front of the school at about $50 per spot for tailgating and even more for RV parking. The field is filled every game. Even the Appalachian state game.

Comment: Here's step two. (Score 1) 105

by vmerc (#26554645) Attached to: Edible "Intelligent Pills"
Heck, why don't they just put these intelligent pills in the meds, thereby creating a mandatory monitoring system if you take a prescription drug? If they're so cheap it won't impact the cost of the meds significantly. Since we'll all be on federal welfare health care soon; this, I'm sure, will be on the top of the to-do list. (Referring to US health care of course. All you other suckers around the world are already screwed with national healthcare.)

Comment: What distractions? (Score 1) 418

by vmerc (#23363964) Attached to: Driving While Distracted More Dangerous Than Supposed
I read advertisements on the billboards and bumper-stickers to prevent myself from being distracted by all of these technological gadgets in my car. I love having a foolproof method to keep myself from getting distracted. There's an endless supply of billboards and bumper-stickers to read out there.

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