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Comment: Re:I still prefer my coffee shop. (Score 3, Interesting) 500

by vkapadia (#27933159) Attached to: McDonalds Free Wi-Fi Users Soak Up Seating
Consumer Reports would disagree with that harsh assessment:

The magazine reported that McDonald's was "decent and moderately strong. Although it lacked the subtle top notes needed to make it rise and shine, it had no flaws."

That said, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Comment: Yes you can order Internet Through TW w/o Cable (Score 1) 379

by vkapadia (#26283929) Attached to: Time Warner Recommends Internet For Some Shows

You can order Internet through Time Warner w/o cable, at least in NYC.

I did this about 18 months ago. It required me repeating "no, I really don't want cable tv service" over and over until they gave up.

I think my friend did this years ago in Poughkeepsie, NY, but I'm not certain that it was Time-Warner (Time Warner services part of Poughkeepsie and Comcast services other parts, I believe).

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