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Comment: Where's communication? (Score 2) 77

by vjoel (#43446249) Attached to: The Hacker Lifecycle
5. Communication

So, you've built something, or at least you've learned something. Then you need to go to conferences, meetups, bars, whatever floats your social boat and explain what you did. Memorialize it in blog posts, articles, or documentation (please?). Even a failed project will spin off some small piece that stands by itself and fills a need somewhere.

Comment: Re:Funny! (Score 1) 182

by vjoel (#42070295) Attached to: Sandy Island, the Undiscovered Country

FWIW, it's common for map makers and atlas makers to include some false streets and features. This is to enable them to prove that someone else copied from them. Perhaps this is one of those receiving publicity?

Like "Geek Street" in San Francisco, a spurious feature like this is known as "bunny":

interlard - vt., to intersperse; diversify -- Webster's New World Dictionary Of The American Language