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Comment Re:It'll be aired in todays conventional methods (Score 1) 438

It'll be on a torrent site 10 min after airing so you can watch it are you leisure. Now if I was them I'd put it up on a torrent site right after it aired with the commercial intact. That way you beat the pirates to the punch and people probably wouldn't care about the tv ads.

Dammit Jim .... I am a Star Trek fan, not a pirate!

Comment Re:Non-IPS panels (Score 1) 94

These are decent TN panels but they're not in the league of IPS displays in terms of uniformity

Where does it say that this is TN display? I checked the article and also Dell website but couldn't find any mention of non-IPS display. Dell XPS has always been their premium line and used IPS display

Comment Re:See nothing that says this is x86 (Score 4, Interesting) 128

I see not one thing that says this is an x86. If it's not x86 it's still ARM and still windows RT even if they don't call it RT anymore. The result being you can only run software from the windows store, no legacy apps.

Its a 14nm Cherry Trail SoC. Don't confuse this with old crappy Atom. These are really fast. This is

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