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Comment: Re:The idea of docker is cool but... (Score 1) 65

by visualight (#46549483) Attached to: Docker Turns 1: What's the Future For Open Source Container Tech?

Well, you can read the help files for lxc-create lxc-start lxc-stop and lxc-console. Zero to having a container running should take anyone about an hour and as a bonus, you'll understand what you're doing. Or use Docker which makes it really easy to understand create stop and start.

Comment: Re:Fly me to Mars or even to the Moon. (Score 5, Interesting) 401

by visualight (#46496437) Attached to: NASA-Funded Study Investigates Collapse of Industrial Civilization

The left tends to be more pragmatic and logical about these technical problems (scarce resources, income inequality and the costs/risks that come with it) and look for technical solutions. The right only sees the right and wrong that they've been brainwashed to see. "Everybody knows that".

For example, when I read his comment I knew exactly what he meant and how he arrived at his response. Apparently you didn't. It seems you saw someone "right" being attacked just for being "right".

Put it another way: At least in part, you view communism, capitalism, socialism et al through the prism of morality, as right and wrong. I do not because I realize how meaningless terms like that really are.

I am motivated to do something about income inequality not simplly because it's unfair, but because I am aware of how much it really costs "us". You see the "wrongness" of interfering with the natural order of things (money goes where money is).

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Let's block ping because it's beyond us to secure our network without doing that. Oh, and while we're at it, let's drop traceroutes and then tell people we can't help them because we don't have enough information. For the cherry on top, let's put ssh at the muddy bottom of our QoS list and then blink confusedly when people ask about that keyboard latency that spikes every morning from 9:30 to 11:00. IT departments SUCK.

sorry. I feel better now.

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" I go out of my way to use private entities in lieu of the US Postal service."

Ass. The problem with government services is, wait for it, PEOPLE LIKE YOU, who warp reality to fit your propaganda derived ideology, and then sabotage things so that some fat cat can seek rent. A lot of really well run operations suck -because- they were privatized. The military commissary is one I remember well.

You are ignorant of the reality of why these private entities are able to thrive. It's *BECAUSE* they don't have to deliver every letter to every house and apartment in the country. They get to just do the high margin stuff.

And they absolutely know this, which is why they are meeting and discussing what they need to do to support the U.S. Postal service. 'Big bags of money' is a real option for them, because without the post office, *they* can't survive.

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Over-generalized definitions:

Socialism: Government is more powerful than, and can control big business. Small businesses thrive on a genuinely level playing field.

Facism: Big business is more powerful than, and can control goverment (the effect being that big business and government have merged). Small business stay small or get eaten.

Capitalism: The monopoly game where one guy ends up with everything.


*All 'ism's' are merely vehicles for propaganda as soon as your brush stroke becomes less than a mile wide.

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For a long time I"ve told people that the difference between Windows And Linux is that then Windows there is a menu somewhere, and if what you want to isn't on it, you can't do it.

There's no menu for Linux, no limits. Till now. If Lennart hasn't thought of your use case, or doesn't care about it, then it's not going on the menu.


Never put off till run-time what you can do at compile-time. -- D. Gries