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Comment: 50/50 (Score 3, Interesting) 165

by visionsofmcskill (#47919667) Attached to: Developing the First Law of Robotics

why would it waste any time fretting? i presume its decision is by the very nature of computing and evaluation a function of math... therefor the only decision to cause delay would be the one wherein the odds of success are 50/50... but it needs not be delayed there either... just roll a random and pick one to save first.

Sounds like a case of a unnecessary recursive loop to me (where the even odds of save/fail cause the robotic savior to keep reevaluating the same inevitable math in hopes of some sort of change). Maybe the halfway solution is the first tiome you hit a 50/50 you flip a coin and start acting on saving one party while continuing to re-evaluate the odds as you are in motion... this could cause a similar loop - but is more likely to have the odds begin to cascade further in the direction of your intended action.

Seems silly to me.

Comment: Cisco Rv042 (Score 1) 238

Hands down the most reliable and easy to use dual wan, VPN enabled Router for quick deployments, silent, low power consumption, handles PPTP, ipsec, etc...

I am no fan of their quickVPN software (a third VPN option included with this router), but it works as well if you dont like pptp or if you find IPSEC too much of a pain to setup.

Plus it has DUAL WAN connections, so you can use a hotspot or DSL, or the neighbors connection as a failover (or you can load balence them, or bind stuff, etc...).

Im blown away noone has mentioned this router as i see it everywhere.

Pfsense is a huge winner as well, though youll need to buy silent low cost hardware to run it (and its a good deal more involved - though considerably more powerful).

We use these two for all of our client locations with offices of up to 100 or so people, for at least 7-8 years or more.

Comment: Not a single link (Score 5, Insightful) 276

by visionsofmcskill (#47713957) Attached to: Helsinki Aims To Obviate Private Cars

No links, Really? in many years of reading his site daily i'm not sure i recall when a story was posted without a single f*cking link to the source material or supporting info.

Perhaps this thing is entirely made up... i think ill start submitting stories now - or is this a Beta story?

Come on guys!!

Comment: Millitary inteligence (Score 4, Insightful) 372

by visionsofmcskill (#34556164) Attached to: Air Force Blocks NY Times, WaPo, Other Media

So the ONLY people willfully kept in the dark are the soldiers meant to protect us? Are the very people who are the most likely to know the dirt anyway?

F$%^ing brilliant. Next up, weapons ban limited to the army.

Hey soldier, this dam is broke, please fix it... here's a spoon

Comment: Re:back in my day (Score 1) 785

by visionsofmcskill (#28904393) Attached to: School System Considers Jamming Students' Phones

Sorry man, your mostly wrong. I commend you and your accomplishments, and my own background reinforces that FORMAL eduction (getting a piece of ink on a piece of paper) is inherently meaningless.

HOWEVER, you and me do NOT a trend make. Just because X amount of people like us can kick massive booty in the real world without the benefit of a highscool diploma or a college one doesnt degrade the value thereof.

Statistically speaking, a high school diploma is a SIGNIFICANT variable on life expectancy, incarceration rates, income potential and every other metric you want to throw at it, even despite (some degree) of relative IQ. Your employment opportunities are severely limited for each level of academic accomplishment you cant proove, particularity in technical fields and more explicitly for the high school level. Indeed you become almost unemployable.

So while you can say graduating doesn't GARUNTEE success, youo cannot compare that with the likelihood of failure if you dont graduate. in the simplest form its simply a matter of risk management on the employers (and/or clients) side.

Not trying to rain on your parade, but i don't think anyone should be a cheerleader for NON-COMPLETION of scholastic advancement in our society no matter how successful they've managed to be. Should our society change so significantly as to measure a persons worth through other means... then fine. But in todays world it is an UNDENIABLE fact that your level of educational attainment has a very DIRECT cor-relation towards your quality of life and earnings potential.

see below for starters.

average income of HS grad : 36k
average income of masters : 78k
average income MD / ESQ : 100k
average income doctorate : 96k

Average income NO high school degree : 22k

HUGE discrepancy.

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