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Comment: Re:Ya (Score 1) 409

by visgoth (#33741948) Attached to: Star Wars Films In 3D Due In 2012
This is true, and Lucas has a LOT of money, so he could be doing some crazy stuff like generating depth maps for the 2d, live action elements. With enough money almost anything is possible, for all we know he's got some sweatshop in Asia full of children shackled to high end pcs, painting fake z-depth information... frame by frame.

Comment: Re:Ya (Score 4, Interesting) 409

by visgoth (#33731722) Attached to: Star Wars Films In 3D Due In 2012
I saw the remake of Clash of the Titans in "3d" and it was put through a 2d to 3d conversion. The greedy producers had all the existing footage converted to stereo 3d, and the result was craptacular. At best stuff looked three dimensional the way looking into a viewmaster was "three dimensional". At worst it was causing me eyestrain and headaches, although the headaches could have been due to the total shitfest that the movie itself was. If a similar technique is being employed for the Star Wars re-re-re-release than its likely going to have the same strange viewmaster looking effect.

Comment: Re:MMO macro maker? (Score 1, Offtopic) 154

by visgoth (#30853440) Attached to: MIT Offers Picture-Centric Programming To the Masses With Sikuli
I've done a fair bit of mindless semi-afk mining during my time playing eve, and never had much trouble with suicide attackers, can flippers, or other such stuff. I'd imagine that taking the usual minimal precautions like parking in a dead end, low traffic system would work relatively well.

Depending on how robust sikuli is, it might be possible to make a mission running macro, which could be even safer than blasting rocks (with the right ship setup, and such). Barring that I'd likely use sikuli on a second account to automate monkey work. Things like post-mission looting/salvaging, hauling, etc. are wonderful candidates for macro abuse.

+ - Spammers use modified PDF files to avoid detection

Submitted by thefickler
thefickler (1030556) writes "In the continuing effort to get more spam past email filters, professional spammers are not only stepping up their use of PDF attachments to deliver their offers of penile implants and cheap pharmaceuticals, but they are also modifying the PDFs to avoid detection. Worse yet, the chief security analyst at MessageLabs, Mark Sunner, has suggested that PDF attachments might soon be used by spammers to delivery malware."

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