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Comment: Re:I Must Be Missing Something Here (Score 1) 332

by vipvop (#38919379) Attached to: Thanks to DRM, Some Ubisoft Games Won't Work Next Week

Except it isn't uncommon for ISPs to cache the DNS records longer than the TTL says (I'm looking at you, Charter). Of course Charter also returns their own IP to any DNS query that doesn't resolve, along with a "helpful" search page with ads to try and make more money. You can opt-out, but that just sets a cookie in your browser, which still fucks up everything else (like ping).

Comment: Typical for Samsung (Score 1) 333

by vipvop (#38478940) Attached to: Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab Won't Get Android 4.0

Samsung has a history of not upgrading its Android phones. I got a Samsung Moment the day it came out (November 2009), and Samsung stopped updating the phone less than a year after it was released. It's ridiculous to have a 2 year contract on a phone and not get the newer versions of Android that come out during the 2 year period, unless there is a hardware based issue for not being able to upgrade. I ended up rooting my phone and getting an update from the xda developer forum. but it's ridiculous that I'd even have to do that.

The Moment also a GPS issue, which relates to poor hardware design. I decided I'm never getting a Samsung phone after this whole experience, especially when friends who had a Motorola Droid or other similar phones were getting the new versions of Android pretty soon after they were released. I get the impression Samsung just wants you to go buy a new phone every year, and don't care at all at keeping the existing users happy. Nothing tells people they made the wrong choice like EOL'ing a product that is less than a year old.

Comment: Re:So True. (Score 1) 244

by vipvop (#38357932) Attached to: Facebook Releases JIT PHP Compiler

Good garbage collectors manage locality of reference, copying and compacting objects together to ensure cache hits when possible. This is nothing new, and you can find papers from the early 1990s talking about this. This is one of the reasons given for the many times when Java does run faster than something like C++.

Comment: Re:Passcode (Score 1) 367

by vipvop (#37628798) Attached to: Calif. Appeals Court Approves Cell Phone Searches

Except when it doesn't require a warrant, as in this case. It's helpful to read the PDF of the case as the court will go over all the exceptions to requiring a warrant to search a vehicle (and there are a lot of them).

From page 32:
in permissible warrantless search, police may search 'every purse, briefcase, or other container within' the car's passenger compartment]

Now the real question is was this a permissible warrantless search, as the reasoning was:
Cop thinks guy is under influence of stimulants, cop says "drug users often sell drugs to support their habit", "people who sell drugs often have evidence of it on their cell phone", "evidence of the crime of which Red was arrested (DUI) may therefore be found on his phone", "Im going to search the phone". In the end, Reid wasn't even under the influence of stimulants, however the car was littered with energy drink cans, so that might explain his getting pulled over (along with being nervous as he had a handgun illegally under his seat)

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