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Comment Re:Current use != Original intent w/proof (Score 1) 132

It is not a problem with encrypted data. It is a good analogy with a safe or a diary written in some given code..

The police can get a warrant for the contents of your safe, but they can't force you to open it. They can hire a safe-cracker, but if they can't find one that can break in to your safe, you still don't have to give up the combination and the cops are out of luck.

Encrypted data is the same. They can't force you to give them the passphrase but they can hire someone to try and crack it. If no one can, the cops are out of luck.

What if I had a paper diary and I wrote it in my own language(encryption)? The cops can get a warrant for it and hire analysts to try to decipher my language and if no one can, the cops are out of luck. They can't compel me to translate it to English.

I don't see how you have a problem with any of this.

Comment Re:Both of them will be pissed (Score 1) 189

I went with Virgin.

Bought the Phone outright on sale so no contract.

$35 a month for unlimited calls, text 2.5 GB 4G data and after that throttles down to 3G.

Impossible to get overage charges.

The downside is the network. I don't travel much but if a person does Virgin would be awful as its coverage is really bad outside metro areas.

Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 818

That coffee was served at least 50 degrees hotter than it should have been.

That is not a good example of a frivolous lawsuit, because it was anything but frivolous.

As for this kid, I agree it is excessive but the school and cops need to be smacked down hard over their stupidity. Maybe it will force the teacher and cops into getting fired which is what should have happened the day of the incident.

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