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Comment Re:Is it really bad to reduce aggressive treatment (Score 1) 245 245

I agree that in some cases it is cruel to provide treatment beyond pain management.

Where do we draw the line between little to no hope and a "fair chance"?

I am curious to see how many people who would support not treating hopeless cases, especially for monetary reasons, also support doctor-assisted suicide laws like Oregon has.

Comment Re: No Foul play... (Score 1) 172 172

Or are you talking about artists who sign an ill-considered contract because they've chosen poorly in their selection of business partners, and couldn't be bothered to get some expert help to look over the contract? You're not being "ripped off" when you choose to enter into an agreement.

Are you claiming that the record labels who offer these bad contracts are innocent?

Comment Re:A few comments (Score 1) 161 161

Yet it is the "red" states that get more from the feds than they pay in and the "blue" states that do not, which means that those "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" states are welfare states.

The whole blue/red state thing is a stupid divisive tool.

Outside of 4-5 counties, Washington is deep red, although with a strong libertarian bend. Remove Whatcom county at the Canadian Border down to Thurston Country at the south of Puget Sound and Washington is no different and just as backwards as Idaho.

Comment Re: Easy ... (Score 1) 318 318

You mean the hundreds of large companies that employ people to work on the Linux kernel because Linux is such an important part of their business?

That Linux?

What does a kernel have to do with the success on the desktop? If you want to talk about a complete OS, the kernel is but one piece and I challenge you to find a mainstream Linux distro that is more difficult to install than Windows.

I just built a new machine a few month back that I dual boot. I had OpenSUSE installed, fully configured including drivers, dev tools(even third party tools like RubyMine) and updated inside 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes, Windows 7 wasn't even 10% done with updates, much less have useful drivers and apps on it.

None of that has anything to do with the subject at hand: the Linux kernel is an example of a successful project where its devs are scattered to the wind, and unlike a company that lets its programmers work at home, Linux devs are employed by many competing interests, that Linus successfully wrangles them to keep the kernel functional and coherent is a testament to his abilities as a project manager.

Claiming that the Linux kernel isn't one of the biggest successes is to ignore the reality that it runs everywhere, from the smallest machines to the most powerful supercomputing clusters and is a success on two planets.

Comment Time to take addresses back (Score 1) 307 307

I know a university that has an entire class B block and they claim that they need them because they pass them out to anyone connecting to wifi on campus. In reality they could get by with maybe 20 addresses, at most.

Yup, connect your laptop on campus and you have an internet routable address.

There is lots of address waste.

Comment Re:Blunting (Score 1) 132 132

Just because you didn't need them, that doesn't mean everyone with depression could get by. It is dangerous and stupid to take your case and apply it to all.

Some people don't have any side-effects taking an anti-depressant and someone else might feel like they got hit by a wrecking ball. I have known people taking the same medication react completely differently. I know without a doubt that one of my friends would have been long dead without antidepressants and she is functional and productive because of them and the side effects she gets are very minor.

SSRI's do kind of suck though. SNRI's and NaSSa's are usually better when SSRI's either don't work or cause bad side-effects.

Comment Re:$450 Million (Score 4, Insightful) 97 97

According that Apple only had net revenue of $42.1 billion. So that's like our 30k household finding $320 in the couch. A rather nice day I'm sure.

Not really. $320 is a lot of food money for the family living on $30,000.

It may be the same percentage, but after a certain amount, it doesn't affect your lifestyle(or business) in any real sense.

You think that if Bill Gates lost 1/2 billion overnight, his life would change at all?

I guarantee that the family will feel the loss of $320 far more than Gates or Apple losing $500,000,000.

The fine is a joke. The US needs to start adding in punitive damages to corporate bad behaviour. Off the cuff numbers: If the price fixing gave Apple $1 billion in profit, the fine should be $4 billion.

Even with the fines, it is more profitable to behave badly than it is to be honest. Apple would do it all over again, except try a little harder to get away with it.

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