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Comment: Re:pft. (Score 1) 391

by vilanye (#46730833) Attached to: Toward Better Programming

HTML5 & XML have nothing to do with client-server.

Javascript can be client, server, or both.

REST is just the obvious consequence of HTTP and doesn't need annoying acronyms and meaningless buzzwords like RESTful.

Sockets implement the client and server. HTTP sits on top of that and shuffles the crap you mentioned back and forth.

I actually remember when /. had mostly good technical discussions.

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by vilanye (#46637251) Attached to: Java 8 Officially Released

Swing is a little verbose and unwieldy, but people tend to forget(or maybe they just don't know) that it is a very low level GUI library that is great for creating custom, reusable widgets(assuming you don't use crap like anonymous inner classes). It is not meant to be a high level GUI library. For a layout manager use Miglayout, seriously, how did this not get included into the standard library?

JavaFX 2 is much easier to manage and layout as long as your requirements don't call for seriously complex GUI elements. It ditched that crappy language that plagued JavaFX 1 and uses a simple functional approach.

File choosers - again Swing is meant to be a low level GUI library.

Java doesn't integrate well with underlying system so why are you using java for command line apps?

Unsigned types? I would prefer that they add in integer overflow protection instead.

They should deprecate interfaces and add in mixins over multiple inheritance. It has all the advantages of both, without the boilerplate of interfaces and potential mess of MI. Could you imagine the mess that the typical over-engineering of Java would make of MI? The horror!

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by vilanye (#46637217) Attached to: Java 8 Officially Released

The point is that lambdas don't have to be tied to the class and can easily change on the fly.

I never understood the draw of anonymous inner classes, or plain old inner classes, especially for GUI code. I never used it, because I hate repeating myself and that is what this clunky mess causes, and it also makes it difficult to reuse the code with different behaviors. I always just had a method in the GUI widget class that accepted listeners dynamically so behaviors could easily change in my Swing library I built up.

Following Java conventions leads to a bloated, un-DRY and ultimately difficult to maintain code base.

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It just makes updating take that much more bandwidth and time.

When I do use Java(it is usually JRuby) I use 1 jar per top level package and try very hard to make each jar file follow the Unix way(do one thing and do it well). It works great to keep things properly separated and is fantastic for updating.

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by vilanye (#46635433) Attached to: Java 8 Officially Released

Can you sort an array like so in Java

public void swap(int a, int b)
    int tmp=b;

swap(array[i],array[j]); ...

Answer: no you can not.

references in java are gimped pointers and have nothing to do with passing parameters.

What gets passed is a value, if it is a primitive, or an address if it is an object.

It is amazing how ignorant Java devs are.

Passwords are implemented as a result of insecurity.