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Comment: Re:"Undead" doesn't mean vibrant, though. (Score 1) 283

by vilanye (#47328867) Attached to: Perl Is Undead

The combination of enforced white space, and not making everything an expression has significantly weakened Python.

The workarounds for Python's gimped lambdas for instance(they suck because of the above two issues) are truly bloated and horrifying.

Tacked on scoping(self isn't required because 'explicit is better than implicit', that is just spin. It is required because once upon a time, Python had no scoping) and OO just add to the Python suck-fest.

If explicit is truly better than implicit the language wouldn't be filled with implicit elements. Don't believe Guido's spin.

Comment: Re:pft. (Score 1) 391

by vilanye (#46730833) Attached to: Toward Better Programming

HTML5 & XML have nothing to do with client-server.

Javascript can be client, server, or both.

REST is just the obvious consequence of HTTP and doesn't need annoying acronyms and meaningless buzzwords like RESTful.

Sockets implement the client and server. HTTP sits on top of that and shuffles the crap you mentioned back and forth.

I actually remember when /. had mostly good technical discussions.

I use technology in order to hate it more properly. -- Nam June Paik