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Comment: Re:$450 Million (Score 2, Insightful) 49 49

According that Apple only had net revenue of $42.1 billion. So that's like our 30k household finding $320 in the couch. A rather nice day I'm sure.

Not really. $320 is a lot of food money for the family living on $30,000.

It may be the same percentage, but after a certain amount, it doesn't affect your lifestyle(or business) in any real sense.

You think that if Bill Gates lost 1/2 billion overnight, his life would change at all?

I guarantee that the family will feel the loss of $320 far more than Gates or Apple losing $500,000,000.

The fine is a joke. The US needs to start adding in punitive damages to corporate bad behaviour. Off the cuff numbers: If the price fixing gave Apple $1 billion in profit, the fine should be $4 billion.

Even with the fines, it is more profitable to behave badly than it is to be honest. Apple would do it all over again, except try a little harder to get away with it.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 355 355

The comparator is a bad thing and something that is no longer needed.

That is excess boilerplate which you seem to not understand.

A mutator that does nothing than store the value passed into it is exactly like exposing public variables. There is no difference at all.

Being able to hide the name of a variable is hardly of any value.

String tmp = myStrings.get(0);

The compiler will issue a warning because Java is as stupid as C++

You keep proving over and over that Java programmers are no better than the PHP clowns, you're just a bunch of API monkeys.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 355 355

Lambdas are far more useful than simply abstracting loops, which are an abstraction itself. You can actually pass in code to other methods so you don't have to use retardation like Comparable and Comparator to endlessly repeat yourself for each search or sort you want to perform that differs from the default implementation. At least interfaces can have implementation, that is a small improvement.

In Ruby because C# makes me feel dirty:

array.sort #default sort
array.sort {|l,r| rl} # reverse sort, pretending that reverse doesn't exist
array.sort{|l,r| l.some_valr.some_value}

Pre-Java 8, that was a painful thing to do. More usefully you can now use lambdas instead instead of the nasty boilerplate of anonymous classes to clean up your code for things like listeners.

Spend some time in Scala or JRuby and find out that you can do a lot, cleanly, concisely, easy to maintain and in a tenth of the LOC that Java requires. It will make your Java code better.

And no Java generics suck because of type erasure leading to this senselessness:

ArrayList myStrings = new ArrayList();
String tmp = (String)myStrings.get(0);

What a joke.

There are tools in IDE's to take care of the boilerplate but it still exists and still needs to be maintained.

What cracks me up are Java accessors and mutators that don't do any thing other than store and retrieve a value.

public void setIdiocy(SomeType idiot) {

Just make the fields public, it is the same thing.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 355 355

Well if Oracle succeeds they will get sued because a fair amount of the method headers in the API's are exactly the same as function headers in C or C++.

It is not implementation that Oracle is trying to protect, but function/method headers which are no different than a table of contents or an ingredient list in a recipe, neither of which of copy-writable.

Comment: Re:If there are patent issues (Score 1) 355 355


Joel is talking about moving your code to a new platform not updating your application.

Moving your code to the new shiny means that you aren't moving and are spending a lot of time and money not moving.

He is saying don't move to .NET, stick with VB6 so you can continue to add features.

It is not that complicated.

Comment: Re:If there are patent issues (Score 1) 355 355

Python also broke backwards compatibility, and it caused the exact same kind of issue for teams that were entrenched in version 2.x.

Wrong, Python 2.x is still being developed. It is not like VB6 in the slightest. Python 2.7.10 was released just last month.

Yeah, Guido should have called Python 3 something else, but it is not like the differences are that massive if you want to upgrade to 3.

Comment: Re:Valve is the lever moving the PC gaming world (Score 1) 57 57


Once the number of games that will run on Linux reaches a tipping point, a lot of gamers, who build their own rigs any way will start moving to Linux because Windows is a ball-ache to keep clean and is an unnecessary expense. There is a reason MS is giving away Windows 10 for free for a year and it is not because of any altruism. They are trying to cock-block Steam from succeeding in their Linux push.

Gamers are about the last portion of the home PC market that MS has locked in.

Comment: Re:Apple Should Pay - It's Advertising (Score 1) 368 368

I am not sure what she is whining about, the RIAA members give very little money to the artists, using the term artist very loosely as it rarely describes RIAA acts, especially bland, uninspired crap like Taylor Swift.

Many acts are in debt to a major label even after a moderately successful album.

She should be used to getting reamed without lube.

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