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Comment: Re:Not much to do (Score 1) 459

by ntsucks (#35275452) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is There a War Against Small Mail Servers?

enec is 100% right. 99.99% of all port 25 traffic from cable modems is from spambots running on compromised PCs. Comcast, AOL, et al. will never again accept email from address blocks that represents non-commercial users or cable modems, no matter what things you try, static IP, DKIM, SPF or white listing.

Comment: Re:Do they self destruct like other Greens? (Score 1) 313

by victim (#33948880) Attached to: WD Launches 3 Terabyte HD

I will respond to your dickish tone with my own:

Ever here of a log file?

How about if you are monitoring the S.M.A.R.T. data to watch for signs of drive failure? You will destroy the drive instead. (Especially if using Munin, because it doesn't show Load_Cycle_Count by default so you won't see it take off.)

How about when your OS is clever and tries to reduce disk use by only flushing the OS block cache intermittently, and that interval is slightly greater than the park timer? Your machine under continuous use parks and unparks continuously.

So there is this little computer in the drive making park decisions. Shouldn't it notice that the drive is parking too often? WD knows how many parks it built the drive to survive, it knows how frequently it is parking. Cap the park rate! Problem solved.

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