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Comment: Re: Swift is destroying Rust. (Score 1) 270

by vhogemann (#49680657) Attached to: Swift Vs. Objective-C: Why the Future Favors Swift

You can solve this by hosting your own maven repo and targeting specific versions for your dependencies instead of "anything newer than x".

Or you can move into the present and use Gradle instead. Or go back to ANT, or use GANT for a more pleasant experience... The list goes on forever.

Point is: Yes, Maven sucks. But we have better alternatives now. Find another reason to dislike Java.

Comment: Re:Seems a trifle disingenuous to me (Score 2, Informative) 211

by vhogemann (#29744163) Attached to: Game Development On Android

Objective-C is not all that bad...

I'm a Java Web developer, without any real experience on desktop programming. But recently I was given the chance to do a small iPhone app for one of our clients, so I had to learn Objective-C from scratch to do it.

Objective-C might seem a little weird at first, but when you got used to the sintax the concepts used on the frameworks are not all that different from the Java counterparts. Appkit for example is much more pleasant to work with than Swing, for example.

It took around a week to learn the Objective-C basics, and another week to build a fairly complete prototype of the application.

So while might be a barrier for Java developers, it's not that high.


+ - ASUS Unveils £100 laptop->

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vhogemann writes: "PCPro.co.uk is reporting the following:

Asus chairman Jonney Shih sprang a surprise during Intel's Computex keynote today with the announcement of a $189 laptop...

...The notebook uses a custom-written Linux operating system, much like the OLPC, though unlike the OLPC, Asus has chosen a more conventional interface. The desktop looked fairly similar to Windows and we saw Firefox running on one 3ePC.

The article also said that this laptop uses solid state storage, and boots under 15 seconds, has 512MB of RAM, but the CPU remains as a mystery."

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