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Comment Re:Not saying I disagree with Torvalds (Score 1) 576

You're right;

In private companies, Linus would come off as a total asshole...

In my comment, I tried to make a joke where I left off some grammar and... well... people did pounce...

It's the same thing in software... people will pounce...

I've always been scared, and I'm at a very senior level now, that if I didn't deliver then my boss would pounce...

And then I learned that my bosses have always been on my side... and that they *need* me to produce good shit... since that realization, I haven't been afraid, and I want n00bs to understand the same thing... if they need coddling, well... sorry, I've forgotten how to do that.

Comment Re:Not saying I disagree with Torvalds (Score 4, Insightful) 576

Why? Because you're a delicate little flower with easily offended sensibilities?
I've worked for all types, and with all types. A little bit of "colorful" language doesn't bother me, and in many cases I'd prefer someone who can come to me and say "Hey, you fucked up, this is a pile of shit" than someone who smiles, gives me calm reassurances about my efforts, and then drives a knife into my back.
Yes, sometimes he goes a bit over the top. But in many cases, it's more a matter of the receiving party needing to grow a thicker skin.


In my career, my skills in direct proportion to the speed at which I was criticized multiplied by directness and the skill of the other party.

As a lead, I really struggle with the special little snowflakes that need to be told how great of a job they're doing and how much they are appreciated and ... makes me want to vomit. I make sure that they either don't last long or learn to break their emotional attachment to "their" code.

Comment Re:Pretty reasonable (Score 1) 235

I agree strongly with one point in particular: prison is not acceptable for this.

Prison should be: does this person need physical restraint from harming society again? YES/NO.

In this case, forbid him Internet access for 4 years, with 2 years under strict supervision. Fuck. It hurts me just to write that... Ugh...

I am annoyed that he profited from this, so I think the financial punishment should be 2x what he earned (why 2x? because 1x is comensation, 2x is punishment... he deserves to be punished for profiting from other people's work).

But then...

Sorry you godless faggots just want the money. Maybe if you learned what fiat money actually is you will begin to slap yourself every day.

I know, but I use that godless fiat money to buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I know I am sinning, but society requires me to. :( So I go out and earn some so I can buy food... otherwise, I starve...

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