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Comment: Re:This is NOT for Windows RT (Score 1) 179

by venom8599 (#44600041) Attached to: Mozilla Planning Firefox Metro For Windows 8 On December 10

It seems the article's author was confused by the naming of Windows RT vs the WinRT API. All Metro/Modern/Windows Store apps have to use the WinRT API for the interface, but Windows 8 allows them to still run Win32 code underneath, while Windows RT does not. Thus, this will not work on Windows RT.

Comment: Re:NN is not regulation. (Score 1) 607

by venom8599 (#35438742) Attached to: US House Subcommittee Votes To Kill Net Neutrality

NN does not force information to be unbiased. When you phrase it as you did, you imply that the government will try to regulate the content of information (e.g. the Fairness Doctrine). NN is simply a rule that all information be transmitted across the Internet in an unbiased manner by ISPs. The ISPs cannot block, shape, or de-prioritize traffic based upon its content, origin, recipient or (debatably) protocol. They also cannot try to charge consumers or providers fees in order to implement prioritization on their traffic.

(I would find it reasonable network management to give things like VoIP and other latency-dependent services higher priority based on protocol--as long as ALL traffic of the same type is treated equally and as long as neither the consumer or service provider isn't having to pay an extra fee in order to prioritize.)

Comment: Re:ipv6 support on Cisco/Linksys routers (Score 2) 380

by venom8599 (#35157286) Attached to: Cisco Linksys Routers Still Don't Support IPv6
I got my WRT54GL working just fine with IPv6--all I had to do was use the most recent 'VoIP' build (14896) which weighs in at 3.61MB. Though according to their chart the K2.4 versions are supposed to have IPv6 support in the 'STD' build, but obviously didn't. If you're using a router that supports the K2.6 version you can get it in the 'STD-Nokaid-Small' build which is also under 4MB. Of course, there's the problem that it doesn't include ip6tables, ping6, or any other useful tools. Which makes it really a pain to configure and diagnose for things like 6to4 tunneling. Oh, and also that IPv6 multicast packets can't pass through the shitty MAC address translation if you're using a DD-WRT router in client bridge mode.

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