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Comment: Re:Seatback charging on airplanes (Score 1) 93

by venkateshkumar99 (#37160220) Attached to: Jailbroken Devices Compromised By Charging Stations
Most likely reason for this might be that, there might be a loose connection and the phone detected the connection as a data connection instead of pure power connection rather than anything sneaky happening. This is done b shorting out the D+, D- pins through a ~200Ohm resistor which indicates to the phone that it can draw more than 500mA from the source (500mA is the maximum current a standard USB port can provide on a computer). Reference: A good source: Especially the last paragraph in the section header.

Comment: The best science gift is... (Score 2, Insightful) 368

by venkateshkumar99 (#30407076) Attached to: Science Gifts For Kids?
Your Time. Don't just give them the kit (any kit) and leave it at that. Sit with them and YOU start making stuff with them looking and get them more involved as you go along. I remember my first geek activity. It was when I was 4-5 years old . My father took apart an antique clock apart and cleaned it and later asking me to do small things to do. That is what got me hooked to DIY. Later when I was about 7-8 years old my mom used to read short Sci-Fi stories to me and that's what got me hooked into reading. Spend time with your kids, they will be far more involved with whatever you do. As for the kits, anything from Chemistry kits to making models are equally simulating the important thing is getting started at an early age.

Comment: Logitech... (Score 1) 460

by venkateshkumar99 (#29008499) Attached to: I Appreciate The Ergonomics Of My ___ The Most
...MX Revolution I use it with my laptop (Yes, with a laptop and yes I know VX Revolution and VX Nano exist when buying fact my other room mates have the other two mice.). I found it to fit perfectly in my hand and the extra buttons are god send to avoid reaching the un-ergonomic laptop keyboard.

Summer Research Programs? 87

Posted by timothy
from the self-directed dept.
aantn writes "I'm currently looking for a science-related summer program. I'm an 11th grade Israeli high school student interested in computer science and robotics. I have a high GPA and take afternoon classes in computer science and mathematics at Israel's Open University. I have several years of experience with C, Python, C#, and Java. I'm actively involved in several open source and freelance projects. Through a program at my school, I will be entering Trinity College's Fire Fighting Robot contest later this year. I enjoy writing and liberal arts, but I'm not interested in a "Learn to Program" or any other "Learn to ______" summer program. I'm looking for something that will be academically challenging and research-oriented. My top choice would be a university research program in either computer science or robotics, but I'm also looking at other science-oriented programs. Does anyone have suggestions for such programs? I'm mostly looking in Israel and the United States, but I'd love to hear about programs in other countries which accept international students. If it's relevant, I have a US citizenship."

Comment: done something similar (Score 1, Redundant) 234

by venkateshkumar99 (#26556541) Attached to: Boat Moves Without an Engine Or Sails
We did something similar but on a tiny scale when we were kids. Take a model boat hull and stick a small soap piece to it at the back such that at least some part of it sticks out below the water line. Place the whole thing in still water and the desolving soap provides the forward thrust for the hull. I believe this is due to the difference in surface tension of soap water and the surrounding water.

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