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Comment Re:Which string theory? (Score 2) 148

Anyone interested in other aspects of this question should read (if they haven't already) "The Trouble with Physics" by Lee Smolin (New York, 2007). He used to be at the Perimeter Institute (maybe still is). Smolin's book isn't just about the physics but also about the sociology of some of the physicists. A good read.

Comment Re:A few embedded strings and timestamps? (Score 1, Informative) 129

Unless I am mistaken, the Washington, USA, area runs on UTC-5 when on Eastern Standard Time and UTC-4 when on Eastern Daylight Time; never UTC-3 unless someone is working very early hours. So it seems like weak evidence indeed!

Comment Another Problem (Score 1) 133

I don't know a lot about wormholes, but it seemed to me from the movie that they were entering the hole tangentially. Isn't that the worst possible way to enter a wormhole? The entry into the hole is prolonged and any stresses on the structure of the spacecraft have longer to act. As I say, IDKALAW, but a perpendicular, central entry seems safest to me.

Comment Yeah but ... (Score 5, Informative) 128

The same tests on DNA from another man from the same era and locale but from a different Y-haplogroup (and different mt-haplogroup) might show a completely different proportion of genetic mixing and time to most recent mating. Don't draw too many conclusions from a sample of just one.

Comment GMT? (Score 1) 38

Why is the time of eruption quoted in GMT? I don't think any observatory "keeps" GMT anymore. Don't forget that GMT is as much a method of deriving time as it is the time itself. GMT used astronomical observations, while UTC is kept by using ensembles of atomic clocks, all cross-compared between international standards organizations.

Comment Re:Can't you just solve it by government? (Score 1) 125

Here in Sweden ...

Wish I had mod points; this post should be scored as 4 or 5. The poster evidently lives in a country where the politicians and government actually do work for the people rather than the corporations, not like here in Canada or apparently in our big neighbour (Canadian spelling) to the south.

Comment Re:Question is stupid (Score 3) 146

"Instead of asking Slashdot such a silly question ..." You are way off base. I am a Canadian who isn't very happy with my mobile phone service and the OP's question is very relevant as I don't know enough about the technical parameters to just google an answer to my concerns. The answers here have been, largely, very informative for me. This is all about what is so very wrong with the Canadian mobile phone market and the regulations governing it, and I expect it extends to the U.S. market as well. I just hope our blessed CRTC is paying attention to this conversation.

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