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Comment: Re:Ask any game developer (Score 1) 240

by vasqzr (#40487549) Attached to: Facebook iOS App Ditching HTML5 For ObjectiveC

It doesn't happen as often, but back in the day id coded games cross-platform, and certainly beyond casual games.

Sort of. But really they're just chucking polygons to a graphics card, that's not too big of a deal. It took a while to get Doom and Quake on the Mac. Linux Doom came out pretty quickly but if I rememeber you couldn't even use the mouse, and when you could it sucked.

Comment: Re:Not custom... (Score 1) 103

by vasqzr (#37386038) Attached to: Demand For Custom Datacenter Servers Rising

You should see what Rackspace wants to increase your monthly fees by, if you increase your server RAM from 24GB to 48GB. I figured even if they want to charge us 'Dell Prices' for the upgrade, hell even 'Apple prices' , I'd be fine with that. But they want to increase your fee EVERY MONTH because you have a more powerful server.

Our data has grown 50% in the last 24 months, and buying 48GB would have been incredibly expensive at the time. But I wasn't here so I didn't get to spec out the machine and just ship it to them.

Comment: Re:The way to play Commander Keen authentically... (Score 1) 152

by vasqzr (#34561008) Attached to: 20 Years of Commander Keen

Very underpowered for Quake. The 100MHz+ 486's kind of worked, but you really needed at least a Pentium 75MHz or better.

486/66 was fine for Doom, though... Then again he said it was an upgraded 486/33 so it probably wasn't at it's full potential and probably had a shit video card.

Comment: Re:$1000 a PC? (Score 1) 606

by vasqzr (#33949768) Attached to: Generic PCs For Corporate Use?

I configured a PC this morning, Dell wants $820 for the 8GB RAM option. This isn't a server with ECC memory, just a desktop. Crucial charges $219 for the 8GB kit. A 1TB hard drive is $219! I can buy 3 of them for that price.

And like it was already said, you can't get over 3GB or 4GB without buying the high-end machine with all the other expensive options you don't want.

But, it's hard to beat Dell when you want to order 25 computers and need them here by Thursday. And for $499 you get a decent speced machine with a 3-year warranty.

Comment: Re:He didn't get the doom experience. (Score 1) 362

by vasqzr (#33203720) Attached to: Gamer Plays <em>Doom</em> For the First Time

The left/right movement inside the Flash game isn't very good. There's too long of a delay. It sounds minor, but it throws the game off a lot. Just like some of the home-made Mario Brothers clones, if the gameplay feel when running and jumping isn't PERFECT, it's very bad. 'Close' doesn't even feel right.

Other than that, it's very impressive.

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