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Comment: Re:Everything You Need to Know About Niggers (Score 1) 322

by vandit2k6 (#33395188) Attached to: Everything You Need To Know About USB 3.0
My point is that and what I strongly believe is Jews were in fact slaves in Egypt. Even with that 'assumption' - right now and back then most Jews were/are very educated people. Now it could be because as you believe Jews were not slaves in Egypt - I am not saying you're wrong. I am just saying what I strongly believe and that Jews were slaves in Egypt and look at them now. Now your argument could be; well it was really long time when Jews were slaves Egypt, at least much longer before Africans were slaves in US and therefore the affects haven't passed yet - and that one I strongly believe is true as well.

Comment: Re:Mojave Experiment 2.0 (Score 1) 452

by vandit2k6 (#29835785) Attached to: Engineers Tell How Feedback Shaped Windows 7

7 truly is Vista SP3. And I don't say that in a negative fashion; Vista runs very well on my two desktops and laptop. However, minus the new taskbar (which I think is a massive step forward), there really isn't that much that's new. A little bit faster, a little bit less buggy. In the end, 7 is Mojave Experiment 2.0. Microsoft tried an ad campaign, it failed because people wouldn't get over how "bad Vista is". Microsoft gives it new clothes and a new name- now it's the best version of Windows EVER! In short, Microsoft went back to marketing after the Vista launch floundered and destroyed its reputation (due to a bunch of underpowered computers with poorly written drivers giving the OS a bad reputation).

It boggles my mind that people find Vista unstable. At least for me Vista runs a whole lot better than Windows ME ever ran. I think people forget that it can be worse, much worse. That is also not an excuse to write bad software but looking at the history of OS's - Vista is doing pretty dam well - in my opinion. Nothing past ME has been as horrible as ME ever was. This is an improvement - I think.

Comment: Re:Difficulty In Using (Score 1) 891

by vandit2k6 (#29397459) Attached to: Why Users Drop Open Source Apps For Proprietary Alternatives

We need to attract some equally-brilliant technical writers to donate time to explain how the stuff works in the real world.

I think a problem is that good technical writers don't have a tendency to donate work in their 'hobby time'.

Very much disagree. Are you expecting people to work outside of the working hours?

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