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Comment better article about state of Linux sound API's (Score 1) 427

A really insightful article regarding this topic is this: And this is what Lennart Poettering (Linux audio guru) had to say about this article: Nah, this is a complete and utter bullshit story. Slashdot just proved again that it is full of nonsense. Gah. Disgusting. I don't think that this deserves a real response. I mean really, this smells more like a astroturfing from 4front, with all that OSS4 fanboyism. This guys is just some lame fud blogger, not a technical guy who does any real the work, knows the technical details, works with the community and gets his stuff into the kernel or the distributions. Would be good if Slashdot would verify that the folks whose story they post actually know what they are talking about. Because this dude obviously hasn't. But I guess Slashdot is not the New York Times and asking some actual respected Linux developers or even just linux-audio-devel before publishing such FUD stories would be asking for too much. That famous Adobe jungle picture that was posted 2007 was grossly misleading already, and it still is. At least arts, nas, esd, oss were obsolete back then already, and mentioning almost unknown niche system such as Allegro or ClanLib doesn't make it any better. What I have to say about the situation of Linux audio APIs I posted here: If you care enough about slashdot, then try to get them to bring a story about that blog story, even if it is already frm last year. As a change from their usual stories this one, as I dare to say, would be written by someone who has at least a bit insight into what's really going on. ;-) Lennart

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