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Comment: Re:Proud? (Score 1) 1233

by vajorie (#44654291) Attached to: Don't Fly During Ramadan

Proud of what you've become to yourself, your citizens and to the rest of the world?

I don't understand this. There is nothing different about what is going on in the US. This treatment, in much worse forms, was already standard for minorities as well as against foreigners during operations abroad.

They are giving us an opportunity to question the past and the present in terms of the way interracial and international relationships have been carried out thus far, and all we are doing is "OMG OMG How did this happen!". It's sad.

+ - Depressed People Surf the Web Differently

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Are you constantly hitting refresh on your favorite site or spend countless hours surfing the web? If you answered yes, you may be depressed.

Internet usage was shown to vary between people who showed signs of depression and people who had no signs of depression. People who had symptoms of depression were more likely to use file-sharing programs and seemingly cruise around sites at random.
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+ - Maryland Bill Bans Employers From Facebook Passwords->

Submitted by stevegee58
stevegee58 writes: The practice of employers demanding Facebook passwords as a condition of being hired or maintaining employment has been making headlines lately.

Most recently reported here, a teacher's aid was fired and Congress lost the nerve to ban the practice.

Now Maryland has entered the fray, banning the practice of employers demanding passwords in that state.

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+ - Programming Raspberry Pi -> 2

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk writes: Nearly all of the fuss about the low-cost Raspberry Pi computer's hardware has died down and we finally have some details of its software that is easy enough for the rest of us to follow. So what can you do with it out of the box?
Basically you get some command line stuff, Python and C/C++ and not much else. This is all a little depressing if you are trying to believe the idea that Raspberry Pi is the solution to getting kids to program. This is not a system that is a self-starter, unless the student in question is a genius at programming. It also isn't what today's kids are expecting out of a programming experience. The days of the command line as an introduction to programming are long gone.
The Raspberry Pi, when it comes to software is half baked. The idea that others will contribute the software needed is unreasonable as this is by far the harder task. We really don't need more hardware in education no matter how cheap — its the software and the teachers that are in short supply.

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Comment: Re:EU membership (Score 1, Insightful) 117

by vajorie (#36413370) Attached to: Anonymous Takes Down Turkish Government Site

Turkey in 2011 is a true Orwellian 1984 state where people are afraid to discuss politics or religion over the phone or internet, where going into important business meetings you are routinely asked to check your smartphone/mobile phone at the door, where anytime anything crime related happens, police magically get hold of 'detailed Internet records' of the perps immediately.

I live in Turkey: all of this is outright lies except the last one, which occurs "elsewhere" as well (as in "think of the children").

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