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Comment: Re:No Way!! (Score 1) 257

by vacarul (#34291796) Attached to: Hard-Coded Bias In Google Search Results?

because god forbid you get high traffic without google.

Of course you get. But you will not get ALL the traffic that you deserve. And the traffic that you will not get will make the difference between a large profit or a smaller one. I prefer the larger profit, all the profit.

There are people that even if they know the full name of the website, they still use Google to search for it. Think about that.

Comment: Re:No Way!! (Score 2, Insightful) 257

by vacarul (#34287636) Attached to: Hard-Coded Bias In Google Search Results?


Fact: Google it's more than no 1. It's the only thing that can drive traffic from searches.

Fact: first position gets most traffic. First "reserved" position (for own services) or not.

Fact: reserved positions will be occupied by Google-only services (even if those services are not the best on the web), or paying customers.

Fact: Google expanded rapidly also because they claim that every website is equal, you all have a chance just make a good website.

Now let's imagine you choose a topic A, and you build the best website there can be for said topic. You are no 1, you get the most traffic. Life it's good.

Then you read that Google it's launching their own website for topic A. This website it's not that good but it gets one of the reserved places. And now the majority of the traffic goes to Google's website. You are f???ed. How can you compete with Google in this situation?

The Google was good then they were just a search engine. Now that they are a little more, there is a conflict of interest. They hijacked the top positions by saying that that is not the top position, but a reserved position (which is at the top so it gets the most traffic).

Comment: Re:nice (Score 1) 131

by vacarul (#33727832) Attached to: 1K JavaScript Madness

initial loading it's still important (for me at least). Big homepages remind me of MS Live search engine that had a 500k homepage and that search engine lost the race.

Also, not only dialup is slow. Broadband but shitty internet connection is also slow. Free internet is slow (airports etc). In developing countries it is slow. In Africa it is slow.

I was thinking that maybe it would be possible a lite version.

Good to know that they will remove support for old browsers.

Comment: engineered (Score 2, Informative) 228

by vacarul (#33513274) Attached to: Lo-Fi Phones and the Future
"3.3Khz was the accepted frequency that telephone calls are going to run"

The bandwidth was not "accepted". It was set by the engineers that design the first analog telephone systems. It is a compromise between the need to have very small bandwidth per channel (so you can multiplex a lot of channels, and send them on the expensive long-distance cable) and the need to understand what the other person is saying and also, very important, to recognize who that person is (large bandwidth is better). They made some tests and this is how they found the sweet spot.

With your bare hands?!?