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Comment: Re:1. Upload to Wikileaks with Xerobank 2. Link to (Score 5, Funny) 471

by v3lut (#27974581) Attached to: Hosting a Highly Inflammatory Document?

Depending on how important/inflammable this document is, I might look into buying a cheap 20GB laptop hard drive, installing ubuntu, going to a star bucks, doing the above and then "disposing" of the drive and all media so that there are no questions.

You could probably sell the hard drive on eBay, make a few bucks. I wouldn't worry about scrubbing it tho. Nobody checks those things.

Comment: Re:Not like it's going to make a difference (Score 3, Interesting) 390

by v3lut (#27944023) Attached to: Craigslist Kills Erotic Services Ads, Will Launch Adult Section

I'll back that up. I grew up in fairly conservative protestant church, and went to school at a fairly conservative protestant bible college. I don't think that you can say "Protestants generally..." but a large number of the more conservative protestants differentiate between "Catholic" and "Christian". In some of those circles, Catholicism is viewed as a cult. Enough so that if you search for the words "catholic" and "cult" you'll get a large number of pages debating the subject.

Comment: I have only been asked to name a server once. (Score 1) 1397

by v3lut (#26702967) Attached to: Why Do We Name Servers the Way We Do?

I was working at my desk, and our wonderful DoItAll was building up a server for us on a table behind me. Once he got to the point that it needed a name, he asked out loud, to no one in particular:

"Ok. What do you guys want me to call this?"

Without looking up, I said:


That's the name of the server to this day. It's the backbone of our intranet. No one has asked me to name a server since.

Comment: Re:Shit (Score 1) 568

by v3lut (#25906259) Attached to: Lori Drew Trial Results In 3 Misdemeanor Convictions

No. His statement was a lot more profound. He was questioning the wisdom of EVER perscribing powerful psychotropic drugs to teenagers who are acting normally (depression, violent behavior, and suicide attempts are normal for teenagers) given their brains are not yet fully developed.

He didn't say that even a little. In fact, he was pretty clear on them being prescribed by a medical doctor.

But, to address the point you are raising, I more or less agree to a point. I believe that medication of any kind should not be prescribed to anyone, regardless of their age or development, without careful consideration of the consequences. And I believe that as a culture, we tend to drug ourselves too much. Partially because we're told that it will make things better, and partially because we're just lazy.

However, I think you missed my primary point. So I'll restate it.

I think associating SSRIs with suicide as a side effect is a bit of a red herring. I think the bigger problem is that parents have a child with serious depression, pump them up with drugs, and consider that "doing something" instead of dealing with actual issues. Like the fact that you're a lousy parent.

Unless you know the full case history of the person in question, and unless you posses the professional knowledge required to discuss the case with other qualified individuals, you cannot make a reasonable judgment.

"You must have an IQ of at least half a million." -- Popeye