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Comment: Re:Too bad really... (Score 1) 268

by uutf (#42940739) Attached to: Bill Gates Says Windows Phone Strategy Was Inadequate

If that is true, then it's the first windows phone os that is a compelling product. You're the only person I've seen say anything nice about it, though.

Really? Most things I've read say "great OS, could do with more apps"
And that certainly holds true from my experiences with Windows Phone 7/7.5 (haven't played with 8 yet)

Comment: Re:This is actually cool... (Score 1) 279

by uutf (#41886479) Attached to: Kim Dotcom's Next Venture: Free Broadband To New Zealand
So we have 2 sides
A self entitled asshole (Kim) who is being prosecuted by the US at the behest of other self entitled assholes (Studios).
Now, one group of self entitled assholes shits on the general public and are abusing power and position to get what they want, despite what the law says.
And the other self entitled asshole is trying to shit on other self-entitled assholes and operating within the law (as far as has been proven, to my knowledge).

It's a bit depressing that he looks like a champion fighting injustice, but there you go..

Comment: Bait & Switch (Score 5, Insightful) 170

by uutf (#38310798) Attached to: Draft Alternative To SOPA Released
Propose something terrible that'll never go through. If it succeeds LOL. If it fails, then propose something not quite as bad to try to get people to say "well, it's not as bad as what they proposed earlier.." Rinse and repeat until you get what you want - eventually you'll sneak one past the people fighting against it.

Comment: Makes no sense.. (Score 1) 685

by uutf (#37063964) Attached to: PC Designer Says PC "Going the Way of the Vacuum Tube"
If you're sitting there at a desk with a keyboard, mouse, external HDD and monitor plugged into your tablet why the hell aren't you just using a PC, where you can leverage the power of a full desktop OS and much MUCH faster hardware? You're already tethered to the desk in an attempt to make your tablet usable for general computing.

The ONLY advantage is that it's portable. But why wouldn't you just own both?
My prediction: The PC isn't dying any time soon.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of code." -- an anonymous programmer