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Comment: Re:Too many cooks... (Score 1) 433

by ushering05401 (#34832238) Attached to: Disempowering the Singular Sysadmin?

The description of the individual's dedication to the field does not validate possession of superuser powers. Perhaps the description is an unfair one. Either way, putting specialists between a legit C and a switch is how you ensure moderation and peer review in a hierarchy. So dude prolly needed an Actionable Process more than direct access.

Comment: Re:Missed the best part... (Score 1) 64

by ushering05401 (#34804808) Attached to: US Revamps NIST's Standard-Setting Efforts

Good luck if you are going to exclude the already captured, already cheap hydrocarbon sources.

We agree, I think. Harvesting energy is like the traditional domestication of horses. You do not raise a lithe Dandy to run itself to death except in the case of final defense. You do not raise a Dray to outpace a Dandy, nor to eat through your pantry.

Fast energy supplies should be kept fresh and available in reserve. Slow energy should be expected to pay incremental dividends each day in a methodical manner.

Comment: Missed the best part... (Score 1) 64

by ushering05401 (#34801344) Attached to: US Revamps NIST's Standard-Setting Efforts

For example, the White House's National Science and Technology Council recently issued a notice in the Federal Register looking for public input on development and implementation of future standards. "The subcommittee is seeking answers to such questions as: How is the Federal government doing with respect to standards activities? What works well? What can be improved? The challenges of the 21st century, including the need to build a clean energy economy, reduce the high cost of health care, and secure our information technology systems, require that we actively consider ways to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of the standards development process. Send responses to SOS_RFI@nist.gov," according to the to the government's Office of Science and Technology Policy blog.

Seems like this is the part that would draw more readers on this site.

Comment: Re:We Live in the World of Unfettered Rent Seekers (Score 2) 114

by ushering05401 (#34799528) Attached to: Microsoft Lays Claim To Patent On 'Fans'

First, I don't believe you are actually addressing the point made above. 'Rent' is a commentary on the intersection of interest with the origin/dynamic of capital acquisition/maintenance. A more software relevant example would be in the question of what qualifies as rent now that software is making the final transition to Public Good status.

As far as I can tell, m00t has an idea that rent is paid by originality - see the 4chan cancer problem. Linus feels that rent is paid by people that choose to find their own interest in his company. Taco apparently thinks rent is paid by not abusing his board too heavily. All of these forms of rent have other facets that result in income - the evolution of content through distributed action, large scale data sets demonstrating patterns of attraction, the reputation/rank/tradition that establishes advertising desirability.

On the IP side of things a more accurate translation to real estate terms would be that your $100,000 home improvement only costs that much because of collusion between the builder, the material suppliers, and the governing authorities. IMHO the IP players are price fixing in an attempt to keep their industry from collapsing into Public Good status. I can prove this by the fact that the cost to infringe upon a lot of IP is sitting down in front of your computer and programming something in an obvious way, then finding out via a lawyer that you have violated IP rights. With a cost of infringement that low the IP is demonstrating its invalid nature.

Until I really got involved in Linux I was more tolerant of tech IP. When your base OS is only a suggestion of packages that work well together, and it is your job to customize the computer, you end up realizing just how many patents you are violating with nothing more that custom configuration of existing libraries and basic knowledge common to the field.

Long story short, Rent becomes a metaphysical concept where we are going. There isn't much to do about it, people want to eat and more are learning to grow their own every day. Did that even address the point? Not sure. Hope so.

Comment: Re:It's as if... (Score 2) 114

by ushering05401 (#34798882) Attached to: Microsoft Lays Claim To Patent On 'Fans'

The system gets the joke. They also have to live with the consequences of change. At this point any IP changes will make a global impact, and must be considered both as Domestic and Foreign Policy.

I hate it too. Find thanks in the fact that we are not waking up to this steaming pile on our plate each morning. Someone is, though.

User Journal

Journal: Curry and Question Marks.

Journal by ushering05401

Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Some heavy reading.

Small motions of Civic Duty must be small. Show me the smallest observance a citizen may make. Measure from it the effort, implication, and value of reward. Combine these to interpretive metrics and play.

Comment: Re:Oh crap... (Score 1) 315

by ushering05401 (#34751486) Attached to: I would pay ___ monthly for a good online newspaper/magazine

A good source that I would pay for is different than a good source.

You raised a good point, you are a good source. $TECHGIANT spends a couple billion a year on R&D, they might be a good source.

You came here for a conversation, I am not going to pay you. They don't want to talk to me that I know of... If I want that source I'll pay.

Long story short, I would pay to hear opinions from people that would not otherwise be in the conversation.

On a similar note, something smells like mildew.

When you don't know what to do, walk fast and look worried.