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+ - Slash Google lets you skin your Google page!->

Submitted by
donthem writes "Slash Google is a site that allows users to customize the look and feel of Google's homepage. Each homepage is user created and stored on our server in our archives. Whether you want your Google page to look like Alta Vista or to celebrate your favorite operating system, Slash Google provides you with the template. Each of the searches from these customized pages send you to the familiar Google results page, we don't modify your searches — only the look of your search page."
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+ - Apple Introduces New Mobile Phone at MacWorld

Submitted by
octavian755 writes "Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs confirmed months of speculation Tuesday by unveiling a new mobile phone and a set-top box that allows people to stream video from their computers to their televisions. Jobs said Apple's iPhone would "reinvent" the telecommunications sector and "leapfrog" past the current generation of hard-to-use smart phones."
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+ - MMO Players Endure Horrible Customer Service, Why?

Submitted by
Zanthor writes "This story of an end game guild in World of Warcraft shows exactly how poorly the Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) Giants can handle customer service. While some may say it's a debate of if the name needed changed or not, that is not the point at all. Rather the point is that 130 paying customers had their gaming experience torn asunder by a poor customer service experience... and what does Blizzard do about it? Nothing. The trend of bad customer service doesn't start or end with Blizzard; from the distant "I cannot help thee with this, Fairwell" responses of GM's in Ultima Online to the power abusing Guides in Everquest; each game has had it's problems, and most of them center around customer service.

So I ask you this, why is it that players of MMO's endure this level of customer service. If we went shopping and an employee overturned your cart and left you to clean up the mess... you wouldn't shop there again. Yet abuse after abuse these MMO players return for more. (I should know, I'm one of them!) Is it unreasonable to expect a level of customer service that is not only polite and professional but maintains a reasonable amount of communication with the end user?"

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