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So we reward the criminals for coming across the border? No. We make is harder for them to live here. Use our resources for our citizens and those who are here as legal residents. Illegals cost my state over a billion dollars in what we receive in revenue from them compared to what we spend on them. That is a billion dollars that is not used for our schools, police/fire, roads, inspections, certifications, wildlife preservation/regulation, etc., and even to govern... Those who are here legally deserve the assistance, those who are here illegally do not.

Make crime worse? Criminals (the illegal immigrants) come across the border and then suddenly start following the law? They broke laws to be here, so there is already an established contempt of the law. Yes, illegal alien criminals may ~continue~ to violate the laws and increase the crime rate. If we lower the number of illegal alien criminals in the country, we could lower the crime rate. Let them legally care for themelves in THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

If they want to live here, there are proper processes to follow for visitation, residency, or citizenship.

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You ask me if violating the law is okay if the end result is cheaper prices. I'll humor you in that I'd believe that yes, it is okay if the circumstances warrant it. If the alternative is food that costs thrice what it does currently and the laborers that process that food can't even afford to buy it, then I'm all for violating the law.

And I am for following the law. If they law says that it is okay to hire people that are violating the law by being here, then that is a different story. Right now it is illegal for them to be here - regardless of the effect on our prices. Laws can be changed if needed, I don't think that one needs to be.

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So if you get cheaper prices, violating the law is okay? What laws are okay to break? Immigration, shoplifting, burglary, insider trading, bribery? Do you get to decide which ones? Perhaps any, if it benefits you.

My wife and I own a (mostly livestock) farm. Everybody here (all legal) earns above minimum wage (currently $9.10) after one month. They earn up to $14.00 per hour. We give them a 30 day evaluation period and then they get a raise. Raises are based solely on performance. To workers that are worth it, they receive up to three raises in their first year. We sell our products locally and donate milk and meat to a local wild animal rescue group. We raise selected organic produce and organic chickens and turkeys (and sell their eggs), along with naturally raised beef, goat, lamb and pork. We also sell handmade goat milk cheeses, soaps and lotions.

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...and the anti-illegal-immigration feeling on the right is far stronger than the GOP seems to realize.

As an independent voter, it is stronger than most politicians realize. My ancestors (verified family history) fought in the American Revolution and came across via Ellis Island as legal immigrants. Today, you run across the border and hope the border patrol doesn't catch you. Those people wanted to be in this country so much, the first thing they did was to violate its laws. That is crap.

All government benefits should be denied to all persons, until proof of citizenship/legal residency has been established. If you are not a citizen or legal resident alien, you are not entitled to a drivers license, food stamps, etc., and voting is limited to citizens only. In Oregon for example, there is a history of giving illegals food assistance, drivers licenses and granting them in-state resident college tuition rates. Denying those funds to Americans and legal aliens.

All companies that hire illegal aliens should be forced to pay a penalty to the gov't (half to border protection and half to the general fund) of twice the monies paid to the illegal. Pay the illegal $500, the fine is $1,000 for a total of $1,500 to use that person. That person is also transported back to their own country at the employers expense. Now the cost of the illegal alien is $1,500 + transportation for $500 of work.

If benefits stop and employers stop hiring them, most of them will leave the way they came here. On their own...

The first word in "illegal alien" is "ILLEGAL". By being here, they are violating the laws. Treat them that way and most of them will leave.

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Android is facing a new (or is in a continuation of a) lawsuit over Java patent violations.
Manufacturers have to pay Microsoft fees for violating their patents" and earns more from Android than Windows phones.
For most users on most handsets there isn't a supported upgrade path to newer versions of Android. They have to deal with bugs and security issues with their old version.
Depending on the study, between 85 and 99% of all mobile malware is targeted to Android. (Although most of that is outside of Google's own store)

I tell my friends, "buy one if you want to...but everything else is safer". iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian (the least safe and least supported of these), Tizen, etc.

*** I do not have an iPhone or an Android phone. I have a "semi smart" feature phone. ***

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Amazon sells some books for less than cost and offsets that loss with other higher margin items from their massive selection. It that better than publishers making money selling books at Apple or elsewhere?

If a book is priced at 9.99 at Amazon and 12.99 everywhere else, how long will the "everywhere else" be in the business of selling books (When they don't have the higher margin items that Amazon does)?

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Have have a cell plan (non prepaid) with four phones. Three are feature phones along with one older non touch screen smart phone working as a feature phone (of sorts)

All four phones together are less than $60 per month (talk, text and some data). That is $15 per month per phone. Hard to beat. $180 per year per phone. I know people who pay more than that in a single month with ~one~ smart phone...

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My sister and her husband will. They drive an old car, live in a "starter" house, shop for sales and only get what they need (not want and think they need, but actually need). Together they probably earn 80 or 90k per year. They have almost two million dollars invested and plan on retiring in about two years, when she is 50 and he is 51. They will have over 2 million by then and think they can enjoy many years of retirement.

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Stop thinking diet book and start thinking biology class. It is impossible to gain weight eating (nothing but) protein. Digestion and absorption do not work like that. You might deal with protein poisoning (look up "Rabbit Starvation"), but you won't get fat.

Your body needs protein, it needs fats and it needs ~SOME~ carbs.

In simple terms: In biology class we learned that the body releases insulin to do what? Reduce blood sugar... When you eat something with sugar in it (candy, soda, white rice, bread, pasta, etc) it raises your blood sugar level. Your body releases insulin to store that in your fat cells. You get fat.

If you eat 1,000 calories in a candy bar, you will get fatter.
If you eat 1,000 calories in white rice, you will get fatter.
If you eat 1,000 calories of salmon, prime rib, chicken, etc you will not gain weight. Your body has nothing to store in your fat cells.

Just eat a balanced mix of foods without (or with limited) simple carbs and you will never have to diet again.

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