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+ - Oak Ridge Closes Biomass Steam Plant->

Submitted by usacoder
usacoder writes: The AP and a Tennessee newspaper report that the Oak Ridge Laboratory has closed its $60 million power generation system that uses a biomass heat source. The 20-year plan for the plant called for long term savings nearing a quarter billion dollars.
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+ - Blackshades Bust Bogus?->

Submitted by usacoder
usacoder writes: Some are saying that the international effort to shutdown the Blackshades and its remote access tool (RAT) may have been a worthless effort or just plain bogus. Quinn Norton writes "Dozens have been arrested in a king-sized global hacker crackdown. But it’s unclear whether the charges against these supposed cyber criminals will actually stick."
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Comment: Things aren't improving if you have a precondition (Score 1) 267

by usacoder (#45041373) Attached to: What Developers Can Learn From
"Now it doesn't mean I can't go see my current doctor, but my $4,500 out-of-pocket, is going to turn into a minimum of $26,000 out-of-pocket to see the doctor that I've been seeing the last seven years," he said.

+ - Buckyball Dude Still Fighting Big Gov't. Guess Who's Winning?->

Submitted by usacoder
usacoder writes: It's one thing not to bite the hand that feeds you, but it's another to bite the hand that takes away too. Or is it just a case of someone who thinks their in charge with our lives not understanding good sarcasm when it's used. Whatever the case we will never see Buckyballs on store shelves ever again.
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